M'sian Bakat List #9: This Artist Reimagines Your Childhood Snacks In Miniature Form

Have you seen a finger-sized White Rabbit candy?

Cover image via Picoworm's Facebook page

If you grew up as a 90s kid, you'd probably remember these treats...

White Rabbit Candy

Image via Mothership

Hands down the best candy in existence.

Bear Chewing Gums

Image via For A Taste Of Persia

Remember the fake tattoos that came with it?

... and sundry shops that sold assorted biscuits

Image via The Youth

They're tasty and not heavy on the wallet!

Feeling nostalgic yet? Be prepared to see these childhood favourites in a different light as Malaysian artist Lim Pui Wan a.k.a 'Picoworm' reimagines them in miniature form!

Look at how small it is!

Image via Picoworm's Facebook page

The pieces are all made of clay and spray painted with acrylic paint.

You'll be craving for these treats in no time!

Lim told Mashable a piece might take up to severals days, depending on the complexity of the item.

Can you spot the 'Doraemon' toy? :D

These pieces are actually part of a miniature-sized sundry shop complete with a vintage signboard and capsule vending machines. Too impressive.

Lim has been working on the shop since 2014 and it is now fully completed.

OMG, she even made individual capsule shells to go into the vending machines!

Confession - our writer John used to spend a lot of money on vending machines because he wanted this Tamagochi toy.

Lim has set up shop in events like Urbanscapes to sell her creations, but not all of them are for sale

We would pay some serious money for that sundry shop, but it is not for sale. :(

Check out more of Lim's intricate and amazing pieces:

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