[PHOTOS] Ever Wanted To Sleep Over In A Muji Store? Now You Can In Their First-Ever Hotel

A second one will open in Beijing on 20 March.

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On 18 January, Muji opened its hotel in Shenzhen, China and it's everything you'd imagine a Muji hotel to be

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It features 79 rooms and of course, aesthetically pleasing facilities.

Items placed in the rooms highlight such a minimalistic design that only Muji can achieve!

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Simple and classy CD player.

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A warm headboard lamp to go with a sophisticated clock.

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More pictures of the rooms! The bathroom looks super gorgeous as well.

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There's a Muji diner in the hotel that offers various Insta-worthy cuisines inspired by home cooking from around the world

They serve Chinese, Western and Japanese food from breakfast to late night bar hours. 

So pretty!

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There are also spaces for bookworms and gym junkies in the hotel

The library hosts over 650 books carefully picked by Muji, and the gym is fully equipped while having floor-to-ceiling windows. So you can enjoy the view while sweating it out!

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Conference rooms are also available to rent, and the moveable walls allow guests to transform the space into a theater accommodating 200 people. 

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And of course, how would your stay be complete if there wasn't a Muji store in the hotel itself?

One of the largest Muji stores in China is located right on the second and third floors of the hotel. It sells everything from travel essentials to everyday items such as furniture, food and even cosmetics! In this store, Muji also plans to hold workshops and other events in the near future. 

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Image via Chiphell

Bed and breakfast prices go from RMB950 (approx. RM590) to RMB 2,500 (approx. RM1,530) per night, depending on types of room

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Would you visit Muji's hotel the next time you're in China? Let us know in the comments below.

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