[VIDEO] 14 Must-Watch Hari Kebangsaan Ads That'll Make You Laugh, Cry, And Beam With Pride

There's no better way to get into the patriotic mood!

Cover image via PETRONAS & Saji

1. Operasi Koperasi by PETRONAS

Remember playing with erasers back when you were in school?

PETRONAS wants you to relive your childhood memories with this fun animation featuring state flag erasers as the main cartoon characters. What's super cool is that each eraser is voiced by someone from the corresponding state, which means you get to hear all kinds of Malaysian slangs and dialects.

2. Malaysia, Through Her Lens by Gamuda Land

Despite travelling all around the world to take photos, including an expedition to Antarctica, renowned Malaysian photographer Bonnie Yap admitted she hasn't taken many pictures of her home country.

This Hari Kebangsaan video follows Bonnie as she takes a journey to rediscover the beauty of Malaysia through her lens. From the Kuala Lumpur city skyline and scenic nature views, to local cuisine and cultural buildings, you'll get to see Malaysia from an authentic and captivating point of view.

3. True Stories Of Tunku - "Insan Budiman" by Axiata

Do you know what kind of man Tunku Abdul Rahman was? We are all familiar with the most iconic image of him raising his hand, saying "Merdeka" to usher in the birth of our nation. But it was those same hands of compassion that transformed lives and our country.

Based on true events, this video by Axiata brings to light Tunku's untold stories of compassion, featuring firsthand accounts from people who lived and saw him - including his cook, personal helper, and our former Finance Minister.

4. Kita by Digi

Digi's heartfelt Hari Kebangsaan video showcases 11 homegrown artisans, from a 4th generation rattan maker and independent blacksmiths, to a traditional wooden clog maker and a fusion calligrapher. Hear their stories and watch them work at their craft, creating masterpieces that are uniquely Malaysian.

It will definitely make you proud to be a Malaysian! :')

5. Did You Get It Right? by Taylor's University

This Hari Kebangsaan video by Taylor's University is an intense one, showcasing the harsh realities of how Malaysians behave on the road, with unfiltered heated verbal exchanges that will keep you on your toes.

Nevertheless, this heartwarming video also displays the true Malaysian spirit, because "When we stop fighting with each other, and start fighting for one another, that's when progress can happen".

6. Bakar by Saji

"Apa lagi, bakar la..."

This funny, dramatic skit by Saji features four seemingly angry men who are trying to find fault with each other. Wearing face masks and armed with weapons, what will the outcome be when they finally meet together face to face?

7. #SuaraNegara by Tune Talk

#SuaraNegara features Malaysian singer NJWA and professional musician Genervie Kam, as well as the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, presenting a heartfelt version of Negaraku.They are joined by other Malaysians from various walks of life, presenting a full display of what unity in our country looks like.

8. MeReka Merdeka by Celcom

Inspired by real events, this short film by Celcom features two Malaysian innovators from different eras. The video alternates between the stories of Dr. Wu Lien Teh, who developed face masks in 1910 to fight the Manchurian plague, and modern day face mask designer Sara Devong.

9. Not Your Normal Merdeka Ad by Yoodo

If you thought you know what to expect from Hari Kebangsaan ads, think again. Yoodo's latest video is quirky, unexpected, and pretty hilarious ;D

In the spirit of Hari Kebangsaan, Yoodo brought in 10 Malaysians of difference races and backgrounds to answer one question, "Is Malaysia really united?" But that's not all, 'cause Yoodo throws them a curve ball halfway through the interview.

P.S. Watch with an open mind. (Not suitable for people with katsaridaphobia)

10. #BangkitSemula by Red Bull

Brace yourself, 'cause this short two-minute spoken word will hit you in the gut with all the feels.

As you listen to the passionate narrator, with a backdrop of all our national heroes - frontliners, artists, athletes, and everyday Malaysians, it will definitely get you into the patriotic spirit this Hari Kebangsaan.

11. Sayap by Etiqa

This heartwarming Hari Kebangsaan video by Etiqa comes with a catchy tune that you won't mind listening to over and over again. It also reminds us that every little gesture of kindness can go a long way in helping others and building our country.

12. The Sweetest Smile by Prudential

"Dari kecil we were told that a smile is only worthwhile when we see the corners of the mouth."

But what happens when we have to wear face masks every day that will cover our smiles? Prudential's latest spoken word video shows us that our smiles can still shine through, whatever the circumstance. If you need a little pick-me-up, this video will defo put a smile on your face! :D

13. Teguh Bersama by Sunway Group

This Hari Kebangsaan video by Sunway Group was inspired by the true story of Jeperin Rasdu, a Sabahan who grew up in poverty and had a tough childhood. Nevertheless, thanks to the help and guidance of generous and kind people around him, he was able to grow into who he is today. Now, he contributes back to society with SOLS 24/7, a charity partner of the Lost Food Project, one of the NGO partners of the #SunwayforGood Food Bank Programme.

Ultimately, Sunway Group wants to remind us to help the underserved and marginalised around us, because we too can make a difference in the lives of others.

14. REUNITED by EcoWorld

In partnership with R.AGE, EcoWorld launched a documentary called REUNITED that showcases exclusive interviews with COVID-19 survivors. They shared their experiences as well as the realities of what it was like to be a COVID-19 patient. But what they weren't prepared for was a big surprise that EcoWorld had in store for them.

Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section.

Plus, watch our latest Hari Kebangsaan music video. Selamat Hari Kebangsaan everyone! :)

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