8 Photos The World Needs To See To Understand How Beautiful Malaysia Really Is

These are the people who go beyond their limits to make the country proud.

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1. This policewoman who recently turned midwife to help a woman give birth to a baby girl inside a car in the compound of the Kampung Tawas police station.

Image via The Ant Daily

2. These group of inspired youngsters who, amidst the destruction brought about by floods, saw a golden opportunity to bring Malaysians together this CNY for flood relief efforts in the East Coast.

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3. The people behind the "Need to Feed the Need" initiative who distribute food and other essentials to over 450 homeless people every Thursday night and they have been doing it for over 18 months now.

Image via The Rakyat Post

4. Pastor Paul Packianathan holding flowers and a cross with his congregation who forgave the protesters who staged a demonstration outside his church, saying, "If the protesters were here, I'd hug them".

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5. This form four student of SMK Dang Anum who, each day after school, spends an hour collecting recyclables and sells them to use the money to help cancer survivors.

Image via The Star Online

6. This father, a driver for Alam Flora, who despite not having much to himself makes sure to provide his daughter with everything to keep her motivated to do well in her life.

Image via Alam Flora

7. These extremely sincere foreign workers at a kebab stall who made sure Marina Mahathir got her lost iPad back

Image via Marina Mahathir

8. This homeless guy being helped by locals who gave him food, cut his hair and provided him with a pair of old converse.

Image via Adrian Choo


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