The Largest Christmas Parade In KL Is Happening At MyTOWN. It Even Has Falling Snow!

Their Christmas decoration also features a quaint Frost Valley and an interactive LED tunnel.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by MyTOWN Shopping Centre.

This Christmas, MyTOWN Shopping Centre wants to emphasize the joy in celebrating kindness through their 'The Gift of Kindness' theme

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It's easy to get caught up in the materialistic nature of gift-giving, but MyTOWN wants to remind us all that Christmas is a time for people from all different backgrounds to come together.

This festive season, you can spread kindness either by giving gifts or sharing things with each other, being concerned about the well-being of others, or even by just spending quality time with your loved ones.

MyTOWN hopes that by spreading kindness, everyone will be able to feel joy, happiness, and a sense of belonging, no matter who and where they are.

The main highlight of their celebrations is 'The Magic of Kindness Parade', which is set to be the largest Christmas Parade in Kuala Lumpur. You absolutely can't miss it, it's gonna be absolutely spectacular!

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Date: 7 December - 25 December 2019 (every Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 3pm and 8pm

The fantastical parade is a 30-minute show that includes 35 dancers all decked out in gorgeous themed costumes such as Frosty Queen, Princess, Fairy Godmother, and more.

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They will be distributing sweets, and the parade will end with a magical snowfall to create the experience of being in the Frost Valley.

The 8pm parade has something extra special, as it'll be held outdoors and all the dancers will be in LED costumes.

Watch a sneak preview below:

Posted by MyTOWN Shopping Centre on Friday, December 6, 2019

MyTOWN's decorations this year brings the whimsical winter scenes of a Frost Valley to life, complete with the adorable Furry Friends!

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Take a stroll through the adorable village - with quaint wooden houses and streets lined with beautifully decorated Christmas trees, all covered with a blanket of snow.

Image via MyTOWN
Image via MyTOWN

Make sure to look out for and hang out with the cute residents of the Frost Valley - the Furry Friends! The sight of the adorable woodland creatures in their life-sized burrows is sure to warm and thrill any Christmas-loving heart.

Image via MyTOWN
Image via MyTOWN

MyTOWN has also collaborated with Toblerone to bring you a really cool interactive tunnel

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Walk into the LED tunnel (it looks like a giant Toblerone bar!) and you'll be met with a futuristic interior, complete with music and neon lights.

Besides being a totally photo-worthy spot to take lots of cool photos, this fun, interactive tunnel will also give you a sensory experience of the sights and sounds of Christmas.

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And of course, you'll be rewarded for doing your Christmas shopping at MyTOWN. Just spend a minimum amount and head over to the concierge counter to redeem exclusive gifts!

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Tier 1
- Purchase a minimum of RM100 in a single receipt to get one Furry Friends envelope set
- Purchase a minimum of RM80 in a single receipt to get one Furry Friends envelope set (with HSBC credit card)

Tier 2
- Purchase a minimum of RM500 with maximum of three combined receipts to get a furry blanket and a Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate bar (100g)
- Purchase a minimum of RM400 with maximum of three combined receipts to get a furry blanket and a Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate bar (100g) (with HSBC credit card)

Image via MyTOWN

MyTOWN wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas! Watch their adorable animated video below that explains the story behind the Frost Valley:

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