[NANDINI SAYS] How To Look Fabulous On Deepavali

Senang je!

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Deepavali is in THREE days, guys!

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I'm so excited. There's gonna be food, more food, and much-needed quality time with loved ones!

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Also, festive season means... photos! SNAP SNAP SNAP — with so many cameras on your face, I'm sure we'd all wanna look our best on Deepavali day.

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If you guys are thinking, "Wah, so much effort!" — fret not!

I've come up with a set of foolproof Deepavali fashion tips that'll instantly up your fashion game.

One of it, is of course, having fun with lip colours! Experiment, play around with contrasting colours, do whatever makes your heart sing. :D

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Emerald green, shocking pink, orange. Just go crazy! 

P/S: If you're wondering where I got these colours from... Watsons lah! Macam-macam colour and type got. Matte, glossy, shiny — semua ada. 

Most importantly, makan, have fun, and don't let random mak cik bawangs ruin your holidays!

Happy Deepavali! <3

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