[NANDINI SAYS] Why You Shouldn't Play Dating Games

Grow up.

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Did you guys know that breadcrumbing and zombieing are actual dating terms?

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I didn't, until very recently.

Because when I think of breadcrumbs, images of oven-baked, gooey mac and cheese comes to mind. Not of someone stringing you along and messing with your head in the dating world.

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That sounds pretty hellish to me.

If you find yourself wondering what these terms actually mean, read on (dropped a couple more that some of you might relate with):

1. Ghosting - Well, I think by now, we're all familiar with this term. It basically means that someone you've been seeing vanishes into thin air with no explanation or goodbye. You basically wouldn't know what hit you when you get ghosted.

2. Breadcrumbing - This is what people do when they're not exactly interested in you but kinda just want to make you feel or believe that there's potential for the relationship to develop. You'll probably receive a few text messages, here and there, but that's really about it. Don't expect anything real to materialise from this person.

3. Benching - You know when you're dating someone you don't exactly hate or love but still enjoy their company so you're doing that thing where you don't want to dump them but wouldn't want to make things official either? Yeah, that's basically benching. The person you're seeing wouldn't be your priority while you're playing the field but you still want a back up in case nothing better comes along. Real nice, right? :)

4. Submarining - "Hey, what's up?" after like months or years of silence. Just when you thought you're getting over the ghosting episode, the same a**hole pops up in your life again with no explanation as to why he/she disappeared, pretending like nothing is wrong and everything is fine and dandy. This is a tiny bit like zombieing, but at least the "zombie" would offer some pathetic excuse for falling off the face of earth.

Wah, I tulis the meaning of these terms pun macam so malas dah.

Bro/Sis, there's a lot going on in the world, let's not waste time playing dating games, can ah?

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Still not convinced?

Here are three reasons why you should really STOP doing it, if you are, that is:

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