How Do Malaysians Survive Gross Public Toilets?

With an extreme situation, comes extreme measures...

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Recently, we ran a poll on Malaysian public toilets. And the results were not surprising. More than 50% of Malaysians admit that public toilets are disgusting!

What else did they say? Find out what Malaysians think by visiting the poll here!

With so much negativity about our public toilets, how do Malaysians 'survive'? 10 of them were kind enough to tell us their best kept secrets...

1. You've gotta practice, practice, and practice your squat hovering skills so that there's no contact at all

It helps work your quads. #Quadgoals.

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2. When you need to cover more than just your body

Most Malaysians would agree.

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3. To keep it clean, bidet and spray

Because water cleanses everything.

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4. Because you don't know who used it before. Hygiene first!

Nandini swears to bring one everywhere.

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5. "It's so easy to bring around, so I'll always...

Courtesy of John

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6. Such sage advise from a seasoned Malaysian

Because you don't want to get into a sticky situation.

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7. No wonder the perfume business is doing so well...

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8. But when using perfume fails, minyak kapak apparently does the trick!

We bet it burns.

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9. This one might be slightly controversial, be considerate!

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10. Stacks on stacks on stacks.... of toilet paper

But it's not good for the environment.

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What about you? What are some of your best kept secrets? Tell us in the comment section below!

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