Netizens Give Their Honest Feedback About Tsutaya And It's Spicy

Wallets beware!

Cover image via SAYS & @wanderbooks (TikTok)

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Dubbed as one of the world's most beautiful bookstores in the world, many Malaysians jumped at the opportunity to check out the bookstore out during its grand opening on 7 July.

Ever since opening in Pavilion, many visitors have raved about the aesthetically pleasing décor and impressive book selection that the bookstore has.

Image via Focus Malaysia

Unfortunately, the bookstore may not be for everyone as shown in a recent TikTok video

A TikTok user by the name of Khalis J, informs his audiences to think twice before planning a trip to Tsutaya Bukit Jalil.

He first highlights the long queues that one needs to wait through in order to get to the bookstore. He shows in his video that the line snakes all the way from the Pavilion mall entrance!

Similarly, another TikToker going by the name of Fatima, mentioned that she had to line up for one hour before she could get in.

If you were planning to take an Insta-worthy picture of the famous mirrored Tsutaya bookcase, forget it

That bookcase only exists at the Tsutaya bookstore in Nagoya, Japan.

Although, a silver lining to this is that Tsutaya Bukit Jalil has its own aesthetically pleasing photo opportunities in the bookstore, so all is not lost in this one.

Additionally, the book selection may not be as extensive as portrayed on social media

Khalis is of the opinion that Tsutaya still has some improvements to make on their book selections. 

He even mentions that the popular Japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya, has a better book range compared to its newly opened counterpart.

Image via Tiktok

However, Fatima may not agree with him.

Speaking with SAYS, she mentioned that she was impressed with the books available at Tsutaya. She said that she thought the bookstore was huge, not just in square feet but in its book selection as well. "They had every subgenre you could think of," she said. The adult section impressed her as well.

But one thing they can agree on is that the prices at Tsutaya may cause some wallets to cringe

A water tumbler with intricate Japanese art was being priced at RM120. A black bag Khalis featured in his video was going for RM842.

Oh, and those cute durian-like bags? Yeah, they're priced at RM228 a pop!

Image edited.

Image via @incognito__k (TikTok)

Fatima was also shocked at the prices, especially when she picked up a bookmark that cost RM120! She also doesn't understand why a 25-sheet sticky notepad would be priced at RM24.90.

As for the café, Fatima ordered a cheesecake slice, caramel latte, and a homemade lemonade. Her order set her back at around RM50.

She thinks it's quite pricey but more or less expected those prices "for an in-house café in a bougie bookstore".

Image via Fatima/SAYS

Despite the prices, she praised the spacious and peaceful layout of the café. They even have seating facing the outdoors where you can enjoy a good book and admire the lovely scenery.

At the end of the day, Tsutaya may appeal to some but not to others

Khalis breaks down his video by saying that the bookstore was more about the experience than the books. If that's what you’re looking for, he says "why not?"

Fatima, on the other hand, says that she will definitely come back for the books but will avoid the stationery section the next time she visits.

Malaysians first learnt about the opening of Tsutaya Books in January:

If printed books aren't your style, maybe listening to some audiobooks will pique your interest:

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