Malaysia's First Autism-Friendly Mall Launches New 'Calm Rooms' And They Look So Inviting

Sunway Putra Mall is truly 'Autsome!'

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Sunway Putra Mall, Malaysia’s first autism-friendly mall is introducing their second Calm Room specially designed for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

If you're a parent of a child on the spectrum, then you'll definitely know how stressful shopping can be. The lights, sounds, and crowds can just be so overwhelming, and can lead to anxiety attacks and meltdowns :(

That's why Sunway Putra Mall's autism-friendly initiative, called 'Autsome', really is so awesome.

Apart from promoting an inclusive and comfortable shopping experience, the mall seeks to increase the public’s understanding and acceptance on ASD.

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With over 1,000 individuals registered as Autsome members, Sunway Putra Mall is providing a brand new Calm Room at Level 3

Equipped with calming elements that help ease stress during a sensory overload or meltdown in the mall, the Calm Room swaps bright lights with fibre optics and warm lights. There's even an essential oil diffuser to help you and your little one relax when things get too much!

The room has comfy bean bags, throw pillows, and weighted blanket for individuals with autism to relax and lay down. There’s also an Art & Reading Corner to help unwind, as well as books, jigsaw puzzles, doodle corners, and more.

The room even uses facial recognition to ensure only registered Autsome members can enter

And for parents, you can also unwind from the hustle and bustle of the busy mall in the Lounge Area sponsored by SSF.

Also available in the Calm Room are a Sensory Wall and a Sensory Play Area

The Sensory Wall includes a tactile collage with a selection of textured materials on the wall. While the Sensory Play Area provides intriguing toys and musical instruments.

Both these areas help sensory stimulation of individuals with autism to engage in different areas of the brain and help them to absorb and retain information.

At Sunway Putra Mall, every Tuesday is designated as Autism Friendly Shopping Day

Register as an Autsome member and receive lots of benefits, including an Autsome Kit. This welcome kit includes a car sticker and wrist band.

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On Tuesdays, members are entitled to enjoy privileges and services such as:
- Dimmed Lights & Volume Down Music - Lights and music at the common area and participating outlets will be dimmed / lowered down and outlets will have ‘Priority Lane’.
Reserved Parking – Parking bays at Basement 1 are reserved every Tuesday for the convenience of families with autistic individuals.
Shopping Assistance – Customer Care is able to lend a helping hand to carry shopping bags and further assistances when required

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Apart from this, there is also Autism-friendly facilities that are available daily:
- Calm Room at Lower Ground/ Level 3 – A room that provides a calming environment with dimmed lights and tools such as sensory toys, weighted blankets, essential oils, bean bags and more. This room is available in case of a meltdown.
Sensory Wall – Walls with sensory friendly textures are available at Level 3 and Level 2
- And so much more!

Image via Ninja Housewife

Get more information on Autsome at Sunway Putra Mall here!

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