Epic Experiences Around The World Every Couple Needs To Strike Off Their Bucket List

Keep couple travel cliché-free!

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1. Start a video game battle (the retro way!)

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Location: Tokyo, Japan

The neon-lit Akihabara district of Tokyo is the best place to wage an arcade game war! Check out the SEGA arcades in this bustling center of video game culture and catch up on childhood classics, from Donkey Kong to Street Fighter.

2. Watch the sun go down in one of the most ancient places in the world

Location: Athens, Greece

If sunsets on the beach are getting just a little too mainstream, climb up the Areopagos Hill with your partner at dusk and soak up the incredible views of the vibrant orange hues painting the skyscapes of Agora, the Plaka, Monastiraki and Omonia. Or come up at night with a cup of coffee, and watch the glimmering lights of the city.

3. Live out your trapeze artist dreams

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Location: Pahang, Malaysia

Club Med isn't just all about sumptuous buffets and all-day lounging by the pool - check out their Flying Trapeze School! There's nothing quite as encouraging as giving your partner the confidence to climb up a towering ladder and lunge into the air.

4. Take a bath like never before

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Location: Istanbul, Turkey

For an authentic, rejuvenating experience, treat your body to some serious bathing and exfoliation the traditionally Turkish way! While most bathhouses in the city enforce separate male and female bathing areas, places like Süleymaniye Hammam specialise in couple-friendly facilities and services.

5. Master the basics of Balinese cooking

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Spend a morning cooking up intricate dishes in a traditional Balinese home! Most cooking classes in Bali start off with a visit to the local market for a quick lesson on cooking ingredients before proceeding with the kitchen action. Learn to prepare local favourites dishes like sate lilit and gado gado.

6. Recount some dark history

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Location: London, United Kingdom

If some mystery sounds just like what your date needs, spend an evening recounting the steps of one of history's most notorious serial killers, Jack the Ripper. Most Jack the Ripper walking tours' route include cobbled alleyways and dimly-lit passageways believed to have been taken by the murderer in the 1880s.

7. Sprinkle some pixie dust and fly

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Location: Bavaria, Germany

Combine your love for Disney and adrenaline rush by adding this heart-pumping activity on the bucket list: paragliding over the majestic Neuschwanstein Castle! Take control of a tandem paraglider and enjoy the unbeatable view of the 19th century castle, which is said to have inspired the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

8. Catch up with the Northern Lights

Location: Yellowknife, Canada

Witnessing the Aurora Borealis should be on every traveller's list, and what's more spectacular of a date than front-row seats to one of the world's most beautiful natural phenomenon? The best times to see the dancing lights' wave of green, yellow, blue and red hues are from October to March.

9. Do something good for the world

Location: Lesbos, Greece

Taking inspiration from the Turkish couple who spent their wedding day serving food to Syrian refugees, why not use a couple trip as the perfect opportunity to do something good? Join forces with fellow Malaysian Rayyan Haries in serving up hot, comforting food to Syrian refugees at his ever-expanding kitchen in the fishing village of Skála Sikaminéas.

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