This Supplement Helps You Boost Your Immune System And Digestive System

Key ingredients include orange juice, vitamin C, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), inulin, yeast beta-glucan, and fructose.

Cover image via Watsons Pharmacist - Ruby (Provided to SAYS)

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With the current situation, it's now more important than ever to take good care of yourself and stay healthy

Besides doing our part to flatten the curve by staying home and following all the SOPs, it's also important to keep yourself in good health. This includes doing things like having balanced, nutritious meals and finding ways to stay active even while at home.

At the same time, many are choosing to give their immune systems an added boost with vitamins and supplements. If you are doing so, please do keep in mind that these things are supposed to be taken in addition to your usual food diet, not as a replacement.

And of course, if you have any questions about what kind of supplements to take, you can always ask a medical professional.

In addition to all the health products you can already find at Watsons, you can now also get NH Immue-U, a new product that improves immunity through natural food ingredients

NH Immue-U is a botanical beverage mix, designed to comprehensively complement your daily life. As a food supplement, the ingredients contained in it fulfill a certain degree of natural food.

With many human diseases being related to immune imbalance issues, it's important to maintain the balance of your immune system.

Consisting of a blend of ingredients such as orange juice, vitamin C, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), inulin, yeast beta-glucan, and fructose, NH Immue-U helps to improve your body's immunity. It has no added preservatives, artificial flavouring, or colouring, and the easy-to-prepare drink even has a delicious punch of fresh orangey flavour.

Check out NH Immue-U's main ingredients and what they're good for:

1. Orange juice powder & Vitamin C
- High in antioxidants
- Protects from cold and flu
- Boosts immune system

2. Inulin & Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS)
- High-quality water-soluble dietary fibre
- Increases intestinal bifidobacteria and maintains a good intestinal environment

3. Fructose
- Low glycemic index (GI)

Another key ingredient in NH Immue-U is yeast beta-glucan, but what exactly is that?

Beta-glucans are a family of polysaccharides. It is naturally found in the cell walls of baker's yeast, certain fungi, cereal grains such as oats and barley, mushrooms, and even some algae — different foods contain different types of beta-glucan.

The type of beta-glucan better known for its ability to support the immune system associated with colds the one derived from yeast**, which is what NH Immue-U contains.

Through those ingredients, NH Immue-U is able to have the following benefits:

- Enhances the immune system by stimulating the macrophage of the immune system, and helps to reduce the risk of influenza or respiratory infections

- Inhibits and effectively removes free radicals from the body

- Modulates an allergic immune of the physical condition to relieve allergy symptoms

- Improves intestinal functions, including constipation and indigestion

- Helps to prevent diabetes by regulating blood sugar

To give you more information about NH Immue-U, Watsons has created a series of videos with their pharmacist, Ruby, who explains a different aspect of the supplement in each video

Episode 1: Introducing NH Immue-U
Watch Ruby share expert tips and introduce the new product exclusively available at Watsons.

Watch it below:

Episode 2: The importance of building up a strong immunity & the functions of NH Immue-U
Immunity plays an important role in keeping our body protected from environmental assaults. Let's hear what Ruby has to say about building a strong immunity.

Watch it below:

Episode 3: Yeast beta-glucan, other main ingredients, and effects of NH Immue-U
Yeast beta-glucan is one of the well-discussed recent topics, particularly about how it can help strengthen immunity. Listen to Ruby share about yeast-beta glucan and how it helps your immunity.

Stay tuned to Watsons Malaysia's YouTube channel for this upcoming episode!

You can easily prepare NH Immue-U by just mixing one sachet into a glass of lukewarm or cold water (about 100ml). Shake or stir well, then drink.

The recommended serving is one sachet daily on an empty stomach in the morning or before bedtime.

Exclusively available at Watsons for RM49.90, you can get NH Immue-U both in-store and online. Click here for more information.

*Before deciding to use this product, please seek the advice of a medical professional.

**Content of beta glucan from yeast should be more than 75% on dry weight basis. Recommended amount for effective use is 0.2g per day.

The information provided is for educational and communication purposes only and it should not be construed as personal medical advice. Information published in this article is not intended to replace, supplant or augment a consultation with a health professional regarding the reader’s own medical care.

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