You Won't Believe Where These Iconic Snacks Malaysians Love Are Really From

Your entire life has been a lie! But don't worry Ding Dang, Tora and NiNi remain sacredly Malaysian, phew!

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Warning: what you're about to read will change your life forever!

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You're about to find out the truth behind some of your favourite Malaysian snacks!

These snacks that you've grown up eating and probably still love today.... ARE NOT ACTUALLY MALAYSIAN!

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1. Sugus

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The chewy fruit flavoured candy known best for getting stuck to the roof of our mouths (but we love 'em anyway!) actually originates from the Swiss chocolate company Suchard, who created it in 1931.

Psssstt, did anyone else try to sneakily give away all the orange flavoured ones whenever your friends asked for some? :P


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Our beloved chocolate malt drink is orginally from down under! It was first developed in Sydney back in 1934 by Thomas Mayne and wasn't imported to Malaysia until much later.

But true MILO connoisseurs will tell you that the Malaysian version tastes really different to its Aussie conterpart.

3. Paddle Pop

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Aussieland again! Paddle Pop was created and continues to be made by Streets, an Australian ice-cream brand.

Though there are specific flavours unique to each region (remember the jelly tongue ones?), iconic flavours like Rainbow, Chocolate and Cyclone are just as much a part of fond Australian childhood memories as it is ours.

Over the years, Paddle Pop has also started being distributed under Streets' sister company Wall's, so technically the ones we get are indeed made in Malaysia by our local Wall's branch.

But no matter where it's from, Paddle Pop will always be super duper yummy!

4. White Rabbit Candy

Some sharp minded Malaysians may have already figured this one out from the writing on the wrapper. This creamy milk chew hails from China.

How badass did being able to eat the rice paper inner wrapping (but honestly didn't we all think it was plastic lol) make you feel?

5. Choki Choki, Yupi Gummy, Nano Nano & Kopiko

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Apparently we have a thing for Indonesian candy because that's where all these familiar childhood sweets are from!

A huge thanks to our neighbours for providing us with such sweet memories of using our teeth and nails to squeeze out every last bit of chocolate paste from the plastic Choki Choki tube and of curi-curi makan Yupi gummies, Nano Nano and Kopiko sweets in class.

6. Ribena

Ahhh there's nothing like an ice-cold glass of Ribena to quench your thirst after a day spent playing in the padang with friends. Can't you just taste that sweet blackcurrant liquid slipping down your throat? Syok man!

Turns out that British kids know what that feels like too, since Ribena first started out in the UK, produced by the company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) until 2013, when it was sold to Japanese company, Suntory.

And did you know that the British government used to distribute Ribena to children as a vitamin C supplement during World War II? This is what started its reputation as a healthy drink for children. #themoreyouknow

7. Nyam Nyam

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Okay last one from Australia, we promise! The Nyam Nyam product line comes from an iconic Australian biscuit and snack brand, Arnott's.

Everyone knows that the rice crispy Nyam Nyam is the superior one! Though we were always left with extra rice crispies after finishing all the chocolate dipping sauce. Not sure if Arnott's needs to give us more or if we're just really bad at portion control.

8. Maggi

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Maggi's legacy in Malaysia needs no introduction lah kan? So let's get right to it. HOW CAN IT NOT BE FROM MALAYSIA?!

Though we're Maggi's second biggest market in the world (India is first btw), Maggi's original holding company started in Switzerland before it merged with Nestlé in 1947. Julius Maggi (okay, who even knew that Maggi was someone's name?!) took over his father's mill in 1885 and then introduced the world to Maggi instant noodles in 1885.


9. The bubblegum that gave us tattoos

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We never knew what to call these did we? In the absence of a prominent product name, they pretty much became known as the bubblegum you buy just for the temporary tattoos or the ones you hide from your friends 'cause there's so few in that tiny box. Anyone ever kena tangkap for having the temporary tattoo on in school? Confirm get sent to cikgu disiplin!

Well now you can finally put a name to them: Marukawa Bubblegum, named after the Japanese company that has been making them since 1948.

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Feeling like this right now?

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Us too #indenial

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