OnlyFans Creator Posts Job Listing For Assistant With Salary Of Up To RM19,000/Month

Some of the tasks include managing social media posts, coordinating travel arrangements, and working towards building the creator's OnlyFans account.

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It's often said that secretaries and personal assistants wear many hats for their role — fulfilling different tasks delegated to them by their superior

From getting coffee to printing documents, the skills needed for such a career are wide, and duly under appreciated. But one undeniable fact? Each personal assistant's job differs on their boss' career field.

Garnering widespread attention, a Singaporean OnlyFans creator who goes by Gracie Hartie, has recently went viral for sharing a job vacancy on her personal website for the role of "OnlyFans Personal Assistant".

While the stipulated job scope on the website isn't anything out of the ordinary, people were stunned to find out the salary range for the job, which is between SGD5,200 to SGD5,800 per month (approximately RM17,472 to RM19,488).

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Image via Anete Lusina/Pexels

Some of the duties required by Hartie's personal assistant include the opportunity to travel and manage her international collaborations

Aside from working closely with Hartie to build content for her OnlyFans site, the personal assistant is required to have proficient photography skills, with videography knowledge being a plus. 

They will also be required to create eye-catching visuals and captions for her social media accounts, and coordinate travel arrangements, which include scheduling appointments, meetings, and events. 

Hartie's background requirements for an assistant aren't steep as well, with a minimum education requirement of O-Levels. However, as she is based in Singapore, Hartie is only opening the role to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

She also provides her email address, and requests for anyone interested in the role to send over their portfolio and CV.

Hartie's full hire listing for a personal assistant on her website.

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Despite this, the laws in Singapore are not entirely clear on the legality of posting explicit content on OnlyFans

Back in October, Singaporean influencer and content creator Titus Low was sentenced to jail for three weeks and fined SGD3,000 (approximately RM10,080) for 'transmitting obscene materials' on OnlyFans and continuing to use his account despite receiving warnings from Singaporean authorities not to do so.

OnlyFans creators, Hartie (left) and Low (right)

Image via @graciehartie/@titusslow (Instagram)

The topic of banning OnlyFans in Singapore has been an ongoing debate. Earlier this year, the country's Minister for Communications and Information, Josephine Teo, mentioned that not all content posted on OnlyFans is objectionable, according to a report by Yahoo! News. Nonetheless, she reiterated how they must ensure that such content sites do not expose Singaporeans to the risk of exploitation and abuse.

"Realistically, however, it will not be possible to block all objectionable or obscene content on the Internet," Teo added.

As for Malaysia, the laws on the creation of OnlyFans have not been laid out in a clear and precise manner yet. However, it remains illegal under the Penal Code to possess or distribute pornographic materials, which can carry a fine of up to RM10,000.

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