These LA-Based M'sian Brothers Offer Skin-Friendly Face Masks With Antimicrobial Tech

A sleek face mask that you can breathe easy in! :D

Cover image via NST & OURA (Facebook)

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By now, we all know that wearing a mask is a habit that we should adopt to protect ourselves and everyone around us

Besides other simple precautions like physical distancing, avoiding crowds, and washing your hands regularly with soap and water, wearing a mask is also the least we can do to curb the spread of the virus.

Regardless of what type you choose, wearing a protective mask has become part and parcel of daily life.

This is where OURA, a brand founded by two Malaysian-born brothers, Keane and Shaun Veran, comes in to ease minds further with their antimicrobial face masks

From left to right: Shaun and Keane Veran.

Image via NST

Based in the US, OURA's journey began with a product which resulted from Keane's battle with cancer

Keane was diagnosed with leukemia at age 10. He spent his childhood undergoing cancer treatment, and struggled with looking for a clean hat that he could wear after chemotherapy. Especially deadly for immune-compromised patients like him at the time, Keane realised how caps were super incubators for bacteria.

This led to OURA's first product, a self-cleaning hat made entirely of medical-grade material. Its antimicrobial properties served as a blueprint for more useful products down the line.

The brothers wanted to build a business that could not only help people with its products, but also give support — the kind that gave Keane hope during treatment — to children battling critical illnesses

OURA co-founder, Keane.

Image via OURA (Facebook)

In many ways, OURA was inspired by the community of people (his family, friends, and healthcare professionals), who came together to give much-needed optimism in his battle against cancer. The solid support he received even made his wish of meeting former President of the United States, Barack Obama, come true too.

So, for every 1,000 items sold, OURA grants a child's wish through charities like Make-A-Wish and Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times. This also stemmed from a Japanese legend he learned when he was sick — if a thousand origami cranes are folded, a wish can then be granted. :')

Eventually, OURA (short for Ouragami, a nod to the Japanese belief), grew to include antimicrobial towels, kitchen aprons, and face masks.

And this brings us to OURA's face masks, which are lab-tested to filter up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria*

Image via OURA (Facebook)

According to the brand, all its masks, namely the Air Mask 2.0 and Active Mask, are tested by third-party laboratories with an advanced sterilisation technology that uses molecular-level infusion.

This process permanently embeds antimicrobial compounds like silver oxide and titanium dioxide — which claims to kill bacteria and inactive viral particles, plus break down odours — into every thread.

This means the masks can be washed hundreds of times and still prevent bacteria growth.

*Based on OURA's independent lab results — 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (ASTM F2100 BFE) & 99.9% Viral Filtration Efficiency (ASTM F2100 VFE) performed by Nelson Labs.

For an even more powerful safeguard against pathogens, the face masks can be paired with a replaceable Honeywell N95 filter

Image via OURA

All of OURA's face masks undergo independent lab tests with and without the N95 filter. And their results show that the face masks achieve filtration efficiencies over 90% for 0.1 µm particles without the N95 filter and over 98% with the N95 filter.*

For more peace of mind, the mask also features a water-resistant outer layer that helps protect from sprays, sneezes, and coughs. Plus, they're super breathable and at a mere 10 grams, lightweight too! :D

According to OURA's website, here are more features that you can expect from their antimicrobial face masks**:

1. UPF 50+ protection that filters over 98% of UV rays
2. Hypoallergenic, skin-friendly fabric
3. Ultra-breathable secure fit
4. Super lightweight construction
5. Moisture wicking fabric
6. Replaceable 800-hour use filter
7. Water repellent outer layer
8. Reusable and washable over and over again

*Based on OURA's independent lab results Particle Filtration Efficiency (ASTM F2100 PFE) performed by Intertek.

**Read more about their lab testing.

Whether you choose an Air Mask 2.0 for everyday use or an Active Mask for sweaty workouts, OURA's impressive tech properties will let you breathe easy

From orchid and quartz, to mocha and lime, you can choose from a variety of colours to suit your fancy. And don't forget to protect your little ones! OURA makes colourful face masks for children too. :D

The antimicrobial face masks are available from sizes XS to XL, while the version for children comes in small, medium, and large. You can check for the perfect fit on the OURA website.

Want to get one of your own? OURA is giving SAYS readers 20% off when you check out with the 'SAYS20' promo code, yayy! :D

So whatchu waiting for? Find out more on about these ultra protective antimicrobial face masks from OURA today.

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