11 Reasons Why Penang Drivers Cannot Tahan Driving In KL

There are too many cars on the road. TOO MANY.

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1. Everyone drives really, REALLY fast...

Are KL drivers always running late or something?!

2. Some KL drivers can be really aggressive too. It's not that hard to give way at a bottleneck, y'know... we put signal already. :(

But if you're cutting queue, you don't deserve kindness on the road.

3. Beware the "tailgaters". You can be at or slightly over the speed limit, but there will always be a bull-headed speed demon who wants to go much, much faster.

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How do you know when a tailgater is on, well, your tail? Look out for drivers who ride on your bumper and repeatedly flash their blinding headlights.

4. Going anywhere feels very far because of the loooong stretch of highways you have to drive on

Image via jai rul YouTube

5. Especially when you have to go through a few tolls to get to your destination

In Penang, going through a toll means you're leaving the island to enter another world a.k.a. the mainland. See where we're coming from?

6. Navigating through the roads of KL gets confusing if you’re not familiar with the many, many lanes and exits… and road signs "disappear" when you need them!

How do people drive around KL before the days of Waze and GPS?!

7. Missed an exit? Made a wrong turn? You'll just have to drive a few extra kilometres to get back on track then...

Image via ExpatGo

If you're lucky, there may be a U-turn some hundred metres ahead.

8. There is always some construction work going on along KL's roads, whether it's building a new LRT station, pipeworks, cutting tree branches etc.

Image via Bernama

It's usually not a problem... until they decide to do it during peak hours and/or block off the roads. The traffic jams that ensue is a no brainer, really.

9. Potholes. Big, GIANT potholes. Everywhere.

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10. Everything you've heard about parking problems in KL is true. Not only do drivers double-park, they triple-park and even plonk their cars in the middle of the road if they can get away with it.

Image via TallyPress

11. Last but not least, the most dreaded of all... you're very likely to get stuck in KL's infamous traffic jams

Image via Motor Trader

And unlike Penang, you won’t be able to escape the jam via a ‘lorong belakang’. :(

Penang drivers, what do you dislike most about driving in KL? Let us know in the comments below!

On the other hand, driving in Penang can be a heart attack-inducing experience for KL drivers:

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