This Catchy Hip Hop Song Pays Tribute To Hardworking Everyday M'sians From All Backgrounds

Titled 'Bangga', it features local rapper B-Heart, as well as Andy from the group Flop Poppy.

Cover image via PERKESO (YouTube)

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In conjunction with the recent Labour Day celebration, the Social Security Organisation (PERKESO) released a heartwarming video that pays tribute to hardworking Malaysians

Titled Bangga, it is a song and music video featuring local rapper B-Heart, as well as Andy from the group Flop Poppy. Created by SAPH and Cliq, with lyrics by B-Heart and Jamal Raslan, the song was successfully completed within two weeks.

As catchy as it is meaningful, Bangga celebrates and appreciates the contributions, hard work, and sacrifices made by every class of workers in the country. This includes those working in formal sectors, and those who are self-employed or working in the gig economy.

Watch it below:

As Bangga features young hip hop artists as well as veteran singers and songwriters, PERKESO hopes that the music video will bridge the gap between generations

B-Heart (left) and Andy (right) working together on the song.

Image via PERKESO (YouTube)

PERKESO chose to work with B-Heart because he conveys meaningful messages through his contemporary music and approach. Meanwhile, Andy represents another generation of workers. Together, they were able to create a dynamic piece of creative work that conveys a strong message to the entire Malaysian workforce.

Besides that, this unique collaboration also proves that age differences should not be a barrier in forming cooperation and synergy in achieving any goal.

Through this song and music video, PERKESO wants to invite Malaysians to pay tribute to the nation's workers, especially after all the challenges they faced during the pandemic

Whether it was being apart from family members and friends, or putting their lives at risk to continue serving the public, the Malaysian workforce has truly gone above and beyond over the past two years.

That's why PERKESO would like to convey their utmost appreciation for the contributions everyone made to help the nation and the rakyat persevere during a very trying time.

What we've gone through really shows that together, there's nothing we can't overcome. And it's by keeping that spirit high that we'll be able to go even further and help Malaysia move forward to the next level. This is particularly true now as we make strides together towards rebuilding our careers, our economy, and our lives.

The Chief Executive of PERKESO, YBhg. Dato' Sri Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed, said, "PERKESO believes that workers play a vital role in the economic development of the country"

Chief Executive of PERKESO, YBhg. Dato' Sri Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed

Image via PERKESO (Provided to SAYS)

He shared, "The choice of 'Pekerja Tonggak Keluarga Malaysia Dalam Pemulihan Negara' as the theme for this year's Labour Day is very apt. Not only does it celebrate their contributions, it also reminds us all that the workers are at the core of driving the country's efforts to bounce back after the pandemic.

"We should appreciate and feel proud of the efforts and sacrifices that have been made by all members of the country's working population. Their efforts have done more than provide various benefits to Malaysian citizens. We should all see this as inspiration, and let it strengthen our determination to also give our best for the country.

"Bangga also invites every Malaysian who is part of the workforce to feel proud of their contributions to the development and progress of the country."

Meanwhile, PERKESO's Chief Communications and Corporate Affairs Officer, Izad Haji Raya, shared about the inspiration that brought Bangga to life

PERKESO's Chief Communications and Corporate Affairs Officer, Izad Haji Raya

Image via PERKESO (Provided to SAYS)

He said, "The inspiration to produce this special gift arose when we recalled the struggles brought about by the pandemic that has plagued the country since the beginning of 2020.

"Therefore, PERKESO felt encouraged to express our gratitude to the nation's workforce through the production of a song and music video that aligned with the efforts of everyone who worked hard and sacrificed for the country during this difficult time.

"Hopefully, this special gift will also give inspiration and encouragement to all classes of employees to rebuild their careers and lives post-pandemic, and continue to support the recovery of the country."

You can watch the Bangga music video on PERKESO's official social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

Ultimately, PERKESO wants to remind all Malaysians that as the leader in social security protection for employees in Malaysia, they are always with you, especially in times of need. Come what may, PERKESO will be there to support you.

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