[PHOTOS] 22 Epic Pictures Of Malaysia's Very First Official "Color Run"

It was indeed a colourful day for Malaysia.

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The "Color Run" was held officially for the first time in Malaysia on Sunday, 17 August 2014

1. Everybody all started clean and white before the run began

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2. This guy probably "blue" away the competition with this pose

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3. "BOJIO" - What every other Malaysian who missed out on this event will say

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4. In the "Color Run", you'll meet all sorts of people, from clowns...

5. ... to a chicken running alongside you because chickens deserve to be happy too

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6. Some dressed up to be a "S.W.A.T" officer, ensuring that colour coordination was kept according to the law

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7. While some 'cheated' in bright socks and tutus to add more colour to the race

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8. Some displayed their creativity through Bollywood-ish photos, lying in sea of coloured powder

9. Jumpshots were all the rage in the "Color Run"

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10. The event was also a colourful canvas for a pre-wedding photo shoot, capturing the two lovebirds amidst runners

Image via JimmyTanWH
Image via JimmyTanWH

11. "Wefies", "Group-fies", "Colour-fies", however you want to name it, everyone was taking a version of it during the run

Image via 朱文冰
Image via JimmyTanWH

12. Everyone then celebrated the run with a big party at the end, counting down every 30 minutes before everyone threw a packet of coloured powder in the air

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Originating from the United States in 2012, the "Color Run" is dubbed the "Happiest 5k Run" on the planet, where runners run through a series of colour zones before finishing the race at a grand party

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Although there are previous similar "Color Run" races before such as the "Colour Rush" held in Sarawak by the Sarawak's Children Cancer Society (SCCS), this was the first official "Color Run" in Malaysia organised by the franchise of the same name

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