[PHOTOS] An Art Exhibition Like This In KL Was Something We've Always Hoped For

A myriad of unique sculptures and art installations are adorning KL's oldest park for a one-of-a-kind art festival.

Cover image via Facebook: Art In The Park

If you happen to be in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur in the next week or so, don't forget to pop into the Art In The Park festival in Perdana Botanical Gardens, KL that is ongoing until 2 November 2014

The idea for Art In The Park was conceived to introduce contemporary art to the public and rebrand Kuala Lumpur as an arts-centered capital.

As a collaboration between KL City Hall and Cult Sdn Bhd, Art in the Park presents a pioneer effort to engage the public with creativity in Kuala Lumpur and offers a unique way of presenting art to the public outside the museums and galleries.

Pieces on display are created based on the theme of "Found In KL". The festival showcases original sculptures and art installations from local artists such as Lisa Foo, Izan Tahir and Marvin Chan, Nizam Abdullah of Nizamsculpture Studio, as well as Tey Beng Tze from the Findars Art Collective, amongst others.

Festival director Suryani Senja Alias believes everyday objects scattered around town tell their own stories about the city and its people, how they live and what they are going through.

Nizam Abdullah's Fallen Angel is made from scrap metal and car parts found from all over Kuala Lumpur.

Image via AZMAN GHANI/The Star Online

Nizam Abdullah's Fallen Angel is made from scrap metal and car parts found from all over Kuala Lumpur.

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Created from mild steel rods and recycled materials, The Boulevard Sentinel by Izan Tahir and Marvin Chan was inspired by Chinese gods on temple doors.

Image via The Star Online

The Boulevard Sentinel in its full glory.

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15-feet tall Walk In The Park by Lisa Foo features a stickman made from leaves, twigs and branches collected at Lake Garden itself.

Image via The Star Online

Lisa Foo's 15-ft tall Walk In The Park at night.

Image via Facebook: Art In The Park

Tey Beng Tze's Rat In The Park

Image via Facebook: Art In The Park

The festival also features artwork from international artists Handiwirman Saputra (Indonesia), Marie-Hugo (France) and Rags2Riches, an art collective from the Philippines

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Marie Hugo's 'The Pantun Forest' depicts a forest made of bamboo, fabric, paper, and Indian ink. The 'leaves' on the tress have old Malay poetry written on them in French, Malay and Jawi. Marie is a descendant of French literary legend Victor Hugo, who played a part in popularising the pantun form in Europe.

Besides the sculptures and art installations, there are other stuff going on in the festival as well such as art talks, visual arts, performances, arts and crafts as well as a food bazaar

Human sculpture models pose for photographs after the launch of 'Art in The Park 2014' at Perdana Botanical Graden.

Image via SUNPIX by Asyraf Rasid

The festival program also includes fun-filled activities for visitors such as a weaving workshop, bamboo bike races, art workshops for children, and even a doodle battle between several talented artists

What happen last weekend at Arts for Grabs! Amazing work by the talented individual from Doodle Malaysia! #artsforgrab #artinthepark #doodlemalaysia

Image via Instagram: hive-studio
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For more information on the festival, check out the website and Facebook page.

Check out other amazing works of art HERE:

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