[PHOTOS] It's Really Crazy How Hong Yi Created This Out Of 20,000 Teabags!

Sabahan artist Hong Yi a.k.a. Red takes her latest 'teh tarik'-inspired art piece to Davos, Switzerland.

Cover image via Facebook: Red Hong Yi

[VIDEO] Hong Yi Shows Us How A Masterpiece Was Created Out Of 20,000 Teabags

3.2 metres-tall and weighing 200kg, the Malaysian artist spent over two months planning, sourcing, creating and filming the entire process. 20,000 teabags were stained in 10 different shades of brown, which were then stapled and attached onto tiles of wire mesh to be hung off a wooden frame.

Hong Yi's 'teh tarik' skills probably need a little bit more practice, but her artistic talents definitely more than make up for it!

Watch the 'teh tarik' man materialise in Hong Yi's new video HERE:

Paying homage to her Malaysian roots, Sabah-born artist-architect Hong Yi's latest art piece has her utilising more than 20,000 stained teabags!

Hong Yi, also known as Red, dubbed the piece - which was created for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland - one of her "most complex pieces" in terms of both technical skills and logistics

The teabags - amounting up to 200kg - had to be shipped to Davos in pizza boxes. The teabags were then installed and suspended off a 3m-tall wooden frame.

Hong Yi installed the art piece in a glass studio on Promenade 80 in Davos. The project's work progress was photographed by Australian photographer Jeremy Blode.

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Hong Yi started preparing for the project as early as November last year, carefully steeping and dyeing all 20,000 teabags in different shades and tones

After unveiling the piece at the Malaysian Night event in Davos, the talented artist offered a tile-by-tile sneak peek of the piece on her Instagram account. Can you guess what the completed piece is?

Maybe a few more tiles should do the trick...

If you guessed "a man making 'teh tarik'", you got it right! Get a load of the completed piece, we're pretty amazed to discover a whole new purpose for teabags!

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