12 Homegrown Brands On Picksum You Need To Know If You Really, Really Love Shopping

Clothes, accessories, beauty, and more!

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Picksum is a new platform where you can shop for quality local products online. Carefully curated, the site brings you the best of new and upcoming homegrown brands

While Malaysians still tend to favour international brands, these local entrepreneurs are definitely making a change and standing out for all the right reasons. With high quality goods and looks with a local spin to them, there's just so much to check out on Picksum.

Here are 12 local fashion, accessories, and beauty brands you need to know:

1. Kanvas - exclusive handmade canvas shoes

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These super comfy canvas slip-ons are handmade and come in five different colours: latte beige, americano black, blueberry blue, cotton candy pink, and pomegranate maroon.

Cute and versatile, they're just so easy to dress up and down for any occasion!

Check out the full collection.

2. Olá Scarves - high quality satin and silk satin scarves that come in every shade

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Olá Scarves are designed with three principles in mind, to offer effortless styling, to be easy to iron, and to be wrinkle-resistant. With over a dozen shades to choose from, it's a fuss-free accessory for both hijabis and non-hijabis alike.

Check out the full collection.

3. Amerhurst - modern urban wear for both men and women, inspired by Malaysian heritage

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Amerhurst includes gorgeous shirts for men and women that are inspired by kurtas and our very own baju melayu. The minimalist design make them super versatile, and we love the colour palette of grey, dark green, and navy blue!

Check out the full collection.

4. Orkid Cosmetics - Halal, vegan, and cruelty-free make-up, created for Malaysian skin tones

The 100% vegan and cruelty-free make up line is created in a JAKIM-approved Halal manufacturer in Malaysia. The end product is safe and ethical, giving you that extra boost of confidence without compromising your faith, health, and skin. Plus, it's wudu-friendly!

Check out the full collection.

5. KOHVI - everyday clothes for women who have a laid back, no-frills kinda vibe

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If you're into neutral tones and clean designs, KOHVI (pronounced coffee) is definitely for you. Their clothes are comfortable, versatile, and well-made. The minimalist designs are understated, allowing you to both wear them on their own or paired with other pieces in your wardrobe. The collection includes their signature top, relaxed pants, outerwear, and more.

Check out the full collection.

6. The Hiro House - 100% natural, handmade, and vegan face masks

This local skincare brand focuses on clay masks that are completely handmade and vegan. The masks include all-natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, green tea, aloe vera, rose, lavender, and more.

Check out the full collection.

7. Bolt & Nuts - locally designed urban garments and goods

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This new local brand includes a line of simple tees for that stylish urban look.

Check out the full collection.

8. Rack Studios - eclectic collections of ready-to-wear clothes

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This Subang Jaya-based brand was founded by Shakira Idora and Kilafairy. Inspired by photography, art, and contemporary culture, Rack Studios is pushing the boundaries of fashion with edgy designs. 

Check out the full collection.

9. Lip & Co. - cruelty-free make-up that specialises in giving your lips a bright pop of colour

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From nudes to perfect red, Lip & Co. provide products that not only look good, they also heal, protect, and nourish. The cruelty-free brand also produces makeup for your eyes as well as skincare.

Check out the full collection.

10. Mem Watches - counterclockwise timepieces and clocks that are chic and minimalist

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MEM Watches specialises in designing and creating counterclockwise time pieces and Walltickers. The designs are chic and clean, with pieces for both men and women.

Check out the full collection.

11. Claypatra - clay-based health and skincare products for both men and women

This family-owned business focuses on scientifically-based, result-driven healthcare products that effectively heal and treat problem skin. Their products include bentonite clay lotion, mineral face masks, face and body soap, and more.

Check out the full collection

12. CHAOSinstyle - a fashion house founded by young Malaysian creatives

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Founded in 2017 by young Malaysians, Chaos Group collaborates with businesses and creatives to grow the local art scene, using fashion as their platform. Their collections include cute tops, bright summer dresses, unique earrings, leather handbags, much more!

Check out the full collection.

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