Here's Why You Should Travel To These Popular Destinations From March To May

Pack your bags and let's go!

  • 1. The Philippines

      El Nido Palawan Image via Palawan News

      El Nido Palawan

    • It’s the dry season in the Philippines from March to May, so you can expect sunny weather all day long. Daily temperatures range between 22°C and 33°C with minimal rain. However, towards the end of May is when the rainy season starts so do look out for the occasional downpour if you’re traveling around then.

    • Image from Tender/YouTube Image via Tender/YouTube
    • This time of year is good for: Outdoor activities such as water sports, chilling by the beach, as well as visiting the highlands, mountainous, and coastal regions.

    • Pro tip: The month of May tends to be the off-peak season so it’s a good time to take advantage of the smaller crowds and discounted hotel rates.

  • 2. Japan

    • It’s during this time that the weather in Japan is arguably the best of the year, especially in April. This is also the time when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom! Daily temperatures are pleasantly cool and it’s mostly sunny with minimal rain, though light rain showers are a possibility in May. Expect temperatures of about 18-19°C on average.

    • Image from 11th Hour Image via 11th Hour
    • This time of year is good for: Walks in famous Japanese gardens lots of cherry blossoms. 

    • Image from The Independent Image via The Independent
    • Pro tip: The Spring school holiday season kicks off in the second half of March and during the Golden Week (29 April – 5 May). It’s one of Japan’s busiest holidays thanks to four national holidays taking place within the space of seven days. So you might want to avoid these travel periods.

  • 3. Vietnam

      Image from Hotels Image via Hotels
    • Expect clear skies with minimal rain when you travel to Vietnam during these months. Another good news is that since this is considered the off-peak season, you won't be seeing big crowds anywhere. Hotel and flight prices are considerably cheaper too. Depending on the region you're visiting, the temperature ranges between 17-32°C, with northern Vietnam being more cooling than the southern states.

    • Image from Lonely Planet Image via Lonely Planet
    • This time of the year is good for: Beach activities, sightseeing, and trekking in Vietnam's hill regions. 

    • Pro-tip: Visit in March to experience the Perfume Pagoda Festival in Hanoi. Buddhists from all over Vietnam will make pilgrimages to this pagoda, which is considered to be one of the holiest in the country. You'll get to see traditional dances and other special activities throughout the festival. 

  • 4. Australia

    • It’s autumn in Australia from March till May, so the weather will be slightly cooler than a scorching summer. Daily temperature ranges between 14-22°C with fine weather throughout. This is a great time to see the autumn foliage in the parks, and even within the city.

    • This time of the year is good for: River cruises, water sports, and visiting vineyards. 

    • Pro-tip: Head to Mount Wilson in Sydney for the best autumn experience in Australia. This is the time when the gardens look their best, dressed in the beautiful hues of red and gold of autumn.

  • 5. Korea

      Image from The Seoul Guide Image via The Seoul Guide
    • Winters can be really cold in Korea, which makes March till May a better time to visit as the weather will start to grow warmer in March. Spring usually starts in April, which is the best season to visit as the temperature isn't too hot or cold (average of 17°C). This is also the time when the cherry blossoms start to bloom, perfect for your Instagram feed!

    • Image from 90 Day Korean Image via 90 Day Korean
    • This time of the year is best for: Checking out the cherry blossoms, camping, and feasting on seafood.

    • Image from Korea Image via Korea
    • Pro-tip: Korea's strawberry season happens between March and April. It's said that Korean strawberries are not as sour as those from other countries, and they're much juicier too. So don't forget to grab some while you're there! 

  • 6. China

      Image from Trover Image via Trover
    • Spring is definitely the best season to visit China as the temperature is at a comfortable range of 10-23°C. This is the best time to venture outdoors to see the spring flowers and natural scenery of China. As this is not the peak season for international travellers, you can expect lower hotel prices and a smaller crowd at most attractions. 

    • Image from Wikipedia Image via Wikipedia
    • This time of the year is best for: Climbing the Great Wall, visiting famous mountains like Huangshan as this is when they look the best. 

    • Image from Lonely Planet Image via Lonely Planet
    • Pro-tip: If you're not a fan of the cold, then you might want to consider avoiding the northern parts of China. The weather can still be quite cold compared to the southern provinces.

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