This Pristine Resort In Melaka Is Being Called The Santorini Of Malaysia

You don't need a flight ticket to Greece, just a car, train, or bus to Melaka.

Cover image via The Amanjena Resort

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Created in the vision of Cycladic architecture, Amanjena Resort has been turning heads on our social media feeds for obvious reasons

Situated on a secluded beach off the Straits of Melaka, The Amanjena Resort presents a magical blend of elegant backdrop that's hardly recognisable with Malaysian charm.

Using prime splashes of blue and white around the retreat, flowered paths, and wide courtyards are set against the vivid natural elements of unending blue sky and sea.

Just a one and a half hour drive away from KL, step into this mirth of an oasis with tropical-fused vibes

There are eight different types of accommodation at Amanjena Resort — each of which cater to different kinds of groups for the period of the stay.

For a more intimate stay, the Deluxe King and Double Deluxe rooms house two individuals, while the Sea View Triple Deluxe and Super Deluxe Triple caters to (up to) three individuals

The three former rooms have a balcony with a small dining nook that has a view of the sea. The Super Deluxe Triple room, however, does not have a balcony, though you get a tandem of views of the garden and sea.

Nonetheless, all eight rooms come with a 50-inch flat screen television, air conditioning, a minibar, basic bathroom amenities, a kettle, and complimentary coffee, tea, and bottled water.

If you're planning on travelling with a larger group of friends or family, the next few rooms may be more suitable for the pack

The following four rooms are distinguishable from the prior four not only in size, but in standard room features and views.

Starting with the Pool View Deluxe Room, this stay has a private entrance and writing desk available if you may have to do a little work during your trip. A special addition to this room is a full-glass window panel with a direct prospect of the pool.

Housing one queen-sized bed and one super single bed, two additional beds can be added upon request to bring this room to a five-person stay.

The Pool View Junior Sweet has the same layout as the Pool View Deluxe when it comes to the quantity of beds. A greater feature of this room however is the addition of a full dining table and a cosy living space.

Together with a balcony that is an immediate step outside to the resort pool, you won't be dripping back to your room after a good swim. All in all, this suite would be ideal for groups of (up to) five, who want an added layer of comfort during their stay.

If you're just looking to spoil yourself silly, the Pool View Executive is probably for you. The only kind of room that has a bathtub in their stay, step inside and don't leave until your entire trip ends. 

Though the locale has every amenity already available in other rooms, if you need to completely unwind and relax, the charm of this Executive space will momentarily take you away from your day-to-day stresses.

Last but certainly not least, the Pool View Family Room is rather self-explanatory from first glance. With one queen-sized bed and three super-single beds, this room can accommodate up to seven people with the request of two additional beds. 

With a spacious living area, step outside for a whiff of fresh ocean breeze and a balcony view of the many facilities that Amanjena has to offer. 

The wide range of fun activities spread across the entire resort will ensure that the most active extroverts won't find themselves bored for a moment

Just adjacent to certain rooms within the resort, an open courtyard sits as the perfect place to kickback and let the day pass by.

If you're feeling a little hungry, stop by the Amanjena Cafe for a quick meal. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can even order direct room service if walking over is too taxing.

Amanjena Resort even has fun activities for kids in the form of their sand pit, within the premises of the resort, prioritising safety and security.

And when the sun sets in the evening, converge at their fire pit for a slapping barbecue. With a poolside picnic area that's great for dining under the stars, stick around and partake in some of the activities organised by the resort for entertainment.

Some of the past arrangements included a movie night, using the large screen projector just by the pool, and weekend live performance specials including karaoke.

For beach bums that wanna catch some sun, reach out to the resort for a fun-filled banana boat ride, or a sunset trip across the straits

Bring your binoculars, and potentially get a glimpse across the pond of Sumatra!

When all is said and done, take a moment to tour the grounds for some of the best views Amanjena Resort has to offer

Here's where you can find The Amanjena Resort:

Lot 3357, Jalan Pengkalan Balak,
Pengkalan Balak, 78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

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