15 Things That MUST Happen When It Rains In Malaysia

Rain is only a good thing if you get to stay indoors and sleep!

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1. You're the most comfortable you've ever been in your cozy blanket burrito... then your morning alarm rings

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Why does it never rain on weekend mornings when we have nothing to do?!

2. Everyone starts driving at 40km/h. Then traffic jam.

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Seriously, every time it rains, THIS HAPPENS.

3. Your not-so-punctual bus won't show up at all

When it finally does, you have to fight with a hundred other people to board the bus. In the rain.

4. Almost everyone is late to work...

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5. ... Or "working from home"

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Tbh, it's just an excuse to stay in bed with our laptops.

6. Your mum can't watch her favourite drama on ASTRO because "rancangan tergendala"

7. Motorists will camp under bridges

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8. The roads become swimming pools for cars

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9. Oh, you're gonna be walking under the rain? Good luck keeping the bottom half of your body dry!

You'd better hope no speeding car comes along and splashes rainwater at you too.

10. If you're wearing glasses, you wish they have their own mini wipers

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11. You have to hang your baju inside the house... and they're SO not drying

12. Even worse, your clothes are already dry but you didn't manage to bring them in before it started raining, so now they're all wet. AGAIN.

13. You get stuck in your car right outside of your gate

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Should you wait for the rain to stop... or make a run for it? Hmm...

14. You've just washed your car

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15. It'll take you 2 hours to get home :(

What other unfortunate things have happened to you when it rains? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

On the other hand, when it's hot and humid...

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