17 Not-So-Typical Décor Ideas You Should Try This Raya (And The Next Too)

Looking for some interesting ways to add a pop of colour to your home this festive season? Get inspired by these quirky DIY projects!

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1. Eid Mubarak Paper Lanterns

These pastel, polka-dotted paper lanterns are sure to bring some Raya cheer to the house. Hang the lanterns up as a garland to inspire a smile or two!

This easy-peasy DIY mostly involves folding and glueing, making it a fun project for kids too! Head on over here for the free printable and tutorial.

2. Colour-Blocked Utensils

Wouldn't these look super cute on your Raya dining table? Give your plain ol' utensils lying around in the kitchen a fun splash of colour!

This simple project only requires paint, tape, clear enamel, and foil. Click here for more photos of these colour-blocked cuties!

3. Raya-Themed Candle Holders

Unleash your inner hipster with this cool DIY project! Sure, it requires a fair bit of effort, but wouldn't these candle holders make a uniquely festive addition to your home?

The fun part kicks in when the moulded concrete dries and you can start painting it with your favourite colours! Read on for the full **tutorial.

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4. Typography Cake Toppers

Add a personal touch to your kek raya selection with customised cake toppers! You can learn how to make your own here but if it's a little too complicated, you can also browse through ready-made toppers here.

5. Tassel Garland

Looking for a way to dress up a blank wall? Just grab some embroidery threads, gold ribbon, twine, and a hot glue gun!

To add a hint of sophistication, you can also use gold thread to hang the garland. Read on for the full tutorial.

6. Quilled Ketupat

Nothing says Raya like ketupat-themed decoration! Not too keen on the standard, woven kind? Try quilling!

This quilled version is fairly simple to do, and exudes a quirky, hand-made feel! To watch the video tutorial, click **here.

7. Accented Vases

Time to bring some colour to those plain vases! The quickest way to do it? Washi tape. To really highlight your theme colours, choose washi tapes that match the rest of your decoration.

The best part? You can peel them off and stick a new colour scheme for your next party! Keen on this DIY project? Check out the tutorial.

8. Geometric Backdrop

How about a more abstract interpretation of ketupat? Not only do these gorgeous geometric gems add a pop of colour to your home, but they double as a minimalistic-chic photo backdrop too!

These pretty pieces are so easy to make; all you need to do is fold and glue some coloured cards. Here's the tutorial.

9. Gold-Dipped Vase

Gorgeous floral arrangements can be beautifully complemented by these gold-bottomed vases. They make look luxe, but this DIY costs next to nothing!

If you have some plain, transparent vases lying around the house, try out this handy technique and add a golden edge to your flower decor.Here's the tutorial.

10. Striped Serving Tray

Ah, the many wonders of washi tape! Serve your tea-time kuih raya treats in style with this insanely easy trick!

Just stick washi tape strips onto the base of a serving tray to give it a brand-new look! Experiment with different patterns and colours to get a one-of-a-kind design! This simple DIY can be viewed here.

11. Colourful Candle Holders

Here's a cute alternative to hanging pelita: using colourful candle holders instead! Interesting how some crepe paper and glue can result in a stained glass effect.

Keen to take this on? Check out the tutorial here.

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12. Puff Paint Doilies

Does the thought of waterproof doilies excite you? Okay, then you're gonna love this cute little DIY!

Make your very own reusable doily with this easy trick! Learn how to make it here.

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13. Washi Tape Photo Frames

Check out this colourful way to frame photos... without actually using frames! Washi tape to the rescue!

Try this artsy-fartsy way of displaying your family photos this year. Read on for the tutorial.

14. Paper Flower Pomanders

Need simple floral arrangements that lasts the whole week of Raya celebration? Why not make your own?

These dainty little flower pomanders will nicely spruce up the house and can be used around the dining table too. Here's the tutorial.

15. Moroccan-Inspired Candle Holders

Having a Middle Eastern decor theme this year? Have we got the DIY project for you!

Give your home a touch of Moroccan glamour with these gilded candle holders! For the full tutorial, click here.

16. Geometric Lanterns

Get in on the geometric craze with these modern-day lanterns! An idea: hang a whole bunch of them in various colours and sizes to create a dramatic photo backdrop. Makes for a fun little feature for when the guests come over too!

Grab some crepe paper and head on over to the tutorial.

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17. Moon Pinata

Hang a fringed moon in your home, because why not, right? If you're looking for a super quirky way to add some Raya cheer to your home, this may just be the project for you.

Head here for this DIY.

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