People Are Shook That Rabbit Tails Aren't Just Fluffy Balls But WHAT IN THE...

How do I unsee this?!

Cover image via @brothers_crystal_mark (TikTok)

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Bunnies are adorable. They're like little balls of fluff hopping around and their butts are the cutest.

Well, until this recent discovery.

Contrary to what we watch in cartoons and even at first glance, rabbit tails are NOT round puff balls.

Factually speaking, their tails can elongate.

Several people on the Internet have been making this discovery lately and it's been messing with everyone's minds.

The little 'pom poms' are actually tucked into their bottoms and when stretched out, they look like this:

Image via 9gag

The rabbit's tail actually has several purposes to help with its survival

For the most part, rabbit tails are meant to distract predatorshelp with balance, and are used to warn other bunnies.

The length of each tail varies according to the breed. Some bunnies have stumpy tails, some are much longer, and some are fluffier than others. Kinda like humans, every body is different.

In saying that though, please don't go around pulling rabbit tails, as they are extremely fragile creatures and doing this can easily injure them

The bunny's tail consists of flesh, muscle, bones, and veins. A small bone is located within the tail and is connected to its spine. There are also veins around it, which lets the bunny feel sensations when the tail is touched. 

Pulling hard on its tail can be painful for the animal. Even a simple touch can injure the rabbit. If the tail breaks, it cannot be recovered.

So, it's best to just wait for the animal to relax, as this is usually when it reveals its total tail length.

Image via Cottontail Club


Image via GIPHY

If you're not ready to care for a rabbit the proper way, it's best to avoid keeping them as pets:

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