Recycle Empty Skincare & Beauty Product Bottles To Get Free Gifts At L'OCCITANE

They accept empty bottles from any beauty brand!

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Big Little Things has remained the steadfast recycling programme under L'OCCITANE since 2019, and their efforts are only expanding over time

Did you know that each household uses an average of 55kg of plastic per year? What about the fact that, without weaponising uncouth processes, 80% of Malaysian waste is actually recyclable?

Mobilising everyday people to keep nature free from pollution, L'OCCITANE's partnership with local waste separation and recycling provider, i-CYCLE Malaysia, now allows you to recycle empty beauty bottles all across Malaysia!

Image via Nikkei Asia

And the best part? You'll get free L'OCCITANE gifts in exchange for your recycled products!

The requirements are simple and discernible.

Here are all the steps needed to recycle your empty beauty bottles at L'OCCITANE:

1. Register a profile at the nearest participating L'OCCITANE outlet

While not all L'OCCITANE outlets are partaking in this marvellous effort, the vast majority of them sure are. Here is a list of all the stores involved in the programme (segregated to areas in the Klang Valley and beyond):

Image via L'OCCITANE

2. Bring clean and dried empty full-sized beauty bottles to be inspected by the L'OCCITANE beauty advisors

While this process seems fairly clear and straightforward, a few house rules must be observed by those looking to participate in this programme.

Firstly, all the beauty bottles must be clean and dried. This is done to avoid contaminating other clean empty bottles. There are no cleaning facilities provided at the store, so you'll need to clean it yourselves at home before bringing it to the locale. To ensure proper washing, all empty tubes can be cut open.

Secondly, the establishment has designated a quota for the number of bottles each customer is allowed to bring in per day per account, at 30 units. If you have more than 30 beauty bottles, save the remainder for your next trip to L'OCCITANE.

Image via L'OCCITANE

Furthermore, it is absolutely stressed that L'OCCITANE does NOT accept mineral bottles or makeup packaging.

Here are some of the applicable products under the programme:
1. Beauty packaging such as makeup remover bottles and pumps, fragrance bottles and pumps, and deodorant sticks.
2. Skin care packaging such as face care packaging, refill pouches, and dispensers and tubes for shower gels, facial cleansers, and body lotions.
3. Hair care packaging such as pumps and caps from shampoo and conditioner bottles, hair care dispensers and containers, hair product trigger heads, and refill products.

An in-depth list is available, that includes the types of care products categorised into body, hand, hair, facial, and others, with their respective bottle measurements. Click here for the full and precise index.

Image via L'OCCITANE

3. If approved, you will receive one stamp for every full-sized bottle on a digital card, which can be accumulated to collect the free gifts

The stamp accumulation process works in a collection of 10, with customers being able to choose between receiving a travel-sized L'OCCITANE product, or a membership point for existing store members.

Importantly, customers need be informed that the gathering of points work in a 'stockpile process'. This means that the number of stamps you receive will be based on your last contribution, and does not begin anew from your latest provision. For example, if on your first visit you bring 10 bottles and accumulate 10 points, your subsequent total on your second visit will begin at 10 points and move upwards, not at zero.

As for the gifts, customers who collect 10 points will be eligible to receive a 10ml tube of Shea Hand Cream, while those who reach up to 100 points will receive a 5ml Immortelle Reset Serum.

Here is a full rundown of all the available rewards up for grabs:

Image via L'OCCITANE

To keep track of your progress, the profile created earlier under your Big Little Things registration will be used as a medium to check and track your rewards on a digital recycling card. Log in daily and see how you're changing the environment with all the bottles you donate.

The programme even allows you to redeem the rewards at other participating outlets under Big Little Things if the gift you are entitled to is out of stock at the location you visited.

As a method to adjust all the rewards attained by customers, all entitled rewards must be redeemed before 31 March of each year, after which the accumulated digital stamp count will return to zero, thereby encouraging all customers to continue the (literal) cycle to recycle every year.

Image via L'OCCITANE

Committed to saving the environment one bottle at a time, L'OCCITANE also encourages customers to visit their refill fountain, or buy their eco-refill products

Alternatively, the refill fountain gives customers the chance to enjoy selected L'OCCITANE products without needing to purchase new plastic bottles. By using their refill fountain, customers will also receive a stamp on the digital card for every refill.

All you have to do is bring your own clean and dried L'OCCITANE bottle (subject to inspection by the beauty advisors once again) or purchase an aluminium forever bottle at the store. Once inspected (or purchased), the beauty advisors will assist in the refill process. The fountain currently has a selection between five shower products.

Here are some of the L'OCCITANE stores that have their own refill fountain:
1. Lot 3.76.00 Pavilion Bukit Jalil
2. Lot 345, Ground Floor, One Utama Shopping Mall (New Wing).
3. Lot F241B, First Floor, The Gardens.
4. Lot 170-G-17/18, Ground Floor, Gurney Plaza.

Note: Customers can only use a L'OCCITANE bottle of the same product, or a L'OCCITANE forever bottle. Bottles from other brands will not be accepted.

Image via L'OCCITANE

And if you wanna take a bigger leap in reducing your carbon footprint, visit their store and purchase an Eco-Refill product, so you can refill it upon completion without needing to buy a brand new bottle.

Image via L'OCCITANE

Click here to find more information on L'OCCITANE's Big Little Things programme

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