RV Express Offers Unlimited Car Washes For A Fixed Monthly Fee From RM99/Month

Wash your car as many times as you want!

Cover image via Regal Valet Express (Provided to SAYS)

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There's nothing better than a squeaky clean car, especially when its straight out of the car wash <3

From the shiny polished exterior to an interior free of all the dust and dirt you tracked in, there's just something so puas about driving around in a clean car. But let's be real — how many of us actually wash our cars as often as we should?

Washing it ourselves is just so mafan, while getting professional car washes regularly can put a dent in your monthly budget. So, how?

Well, here's some good news. RV Express is offering unlimited car washes for a fixed price!

Located at a Shell station in Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya is a RV Express outlet where you can get unlimited car washes by joining their car wash club. You'll even get a complimentary detailing session!

The membership costs a monthly fee of RM99 for sedans, RM110 for SUVs, and RM120 for MPVs. Once you're a member, you'll be able to wash your car as many times as you want every month!

Besides this, they're also offering a Buy 1 Free 1 Chinese New Year promo on their signature Ceramic Quartz Coating service.

This coating helps to create an additional sacrificial layer on top of your car's clear coat, providing extra shine, depth, and protection against environmental elements. As the coating has extreme hydrophobic properties, your car will be able to repel water and dirt better, helping it stay clean for longer between washes.

Meanwhile, Regal Valet is a luxury boutique automotive studio that aims to be one-stop centre for all your professional vehicle needs

Having worked on all makes, models, and sizes of vehicles over the last decade, Regal Valet's team has some of the deepest expertise and the widest experience across every area of general maintenance, advanced detailing, paintwork recovery, interior care, surface protection, refurbishment, and even restoration projects.

Whether you're looking for a simple wash and clean or a complete restoration of an old car, Regal Valet has got you covered. A day at one of their centres is practically like a 'spa day' for your vehicle!

You can rest assured that no matter what kind of car you bring in, be it a rare classic, an advanced supercar, or your average daily driver sedan, they know how to handle it with professionalism and care.

Here's a look at some of their popular services:

1. Detailing

Regal Valet's premium auto-detailing features a full suite of detailing works designed to correct, enhance, or refine every area and component of your car. They effectively correct defects and reduce irregularities from the various surfaces of your car, as well as ensure that imperfections are permanently removed.

What makes their detailing works unique are their use of state-of-the-art rotary polish machines and top-notch silicone-free polish products. This includes the full range of BOLA SOLUTION Coating products to enhance and protect all surfaces of your vehicle.

And of course, a standout service is the aforementioned Ceramic Quartz Coating.

Here are some other detailing works Regal Valet provides:
- Paint correction to permanently remove fine scratches, swirls, holograms, and watermarks
- Interior detailing to revive and protect the inner cabin, upholstery, and trim
- Hydrophobic glass that provides protection from watermarks through a high quality barrier that repels water and contaminants
- Restoration of tarnished or cloudy headlamps to create optimum clarity
- Refurbishment, repair, and further detailing of damaged wheels
- Deep cleanse and decontamination of engine bay to remove oil, debris, tar and other dirty buildup

2. Refinishing

Looking for a full-service body repair or a custom paint job? Let RV Sprayworks handle it with their custom body repair and spray booth facility, which only uses superior paints, advanced software, and the latest equipment.

Whether you're trying to get rid of accidental knocks and scratches or want completely transform your vehicle with a new paint job, you are sure to be satisfied with the results.

Regal Valet's refinishing services include the following:
- Full Standard Respray: Complete full body respray of the entire vehicle with high-grade paints and materials
- Full Master Respray: The utmost quality and superior finish guaranteed to your exact colour and finishing specs
- Panel Respray: Repair and respray of dents or scratches to individual panels of the car like the door, bumper, or hood
- Touch Ups: Quick and easy spot or partial respray on small, minor defects
- Rims Respray: Change the colour or finish of the existing rims

3. Restoration

If you've got an old car that you're sayang to get rid of, why not let Regal Valet restore it for you? All you have to do is send it over to one of their centres for an expert evaluation, and they'll provide you with a customised restoration plan. With their specialist knowledge and expertise, they'll help you restore your car to its former glory, or give it a new life.

Regal Valet is able to handle restoration projects that require a complete overhaul, as well as ones that only need a few individual services like metal work, custom makeover, paint replacement wraps, interior renewal, rims or wheels refurbishment.

Check out Regal Valet's website for more information and to find the outlet nearest to you

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