11 Back-To-School Experiences You Can Relate To Only If You're A Parent

Parents don't like going back to school too...

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1. Stocking up on all the unnecessary back-to-school supplies

Back-to-school shopping is time-consuming and ridiculously expensive. How many highlighters do they need? And why do they use sooooo many notebooks?!

2. Having to take leave to send your kids to school

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It's only the first week of the year but you have to take leave already to accompany your kids to school, sometimes even staying there for the whole day.

3. Trying to make your kids go to bed early the night before school starts

Making your kids go to bed early is always a struggle, especially after allowing them to stay up all night watching TV during the holidays.

4. Setting your alarm at least one hour earlier than usual

Although you wish you could sleep in just a little while longer, you know that you have to wake up extra early to prepare you and your kids for a long day ahead.

5. Hollering your kids’ names until the whole neighbourhood can hear you, splashing water onto their faces... Nope, they’re still not awake.

We all know how frustrating it is to drag our kids out of bed on time. And when you FINALLY managed to wrestle them into the bathroom, you go back into their room only to find them sprawled out, fast asleep on the bed again.

6. Standard 1 parents blocking your way

You can spot the new parents from a mile away. They're the ones blocking the entrance, eager to be the first ones in even though the school hasn't even opened yet.

7. Dropping your younger ones off and trying to sneak away before they start crying again

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Sending your kids back to school is even worse when they're going there for the FIRST time. Surrounded by other bawling children, it's a traumatising time not only for your kid, but for yourself too.

8. Dumping your older kids at the gate and hallelujah-ing your way outta there

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Since you know your older ones can take care of themselves, you just say a quick goodbye, secretly happy to have them out of your hair for a few hours.

9. Thinking and worrying about them during work

You can't stop thinking about what they're doing, whether they're okay, if they managed to find their classes, etc. Everything you do at work reminds you of them! 

10. Picking them up, all excited to know how their first day went, but they're just like... meh.

"Did you make new friends? Anything exciting happened? What did you eat for lunch?" All these questions, but nope, they're not interested to answer them.

11. Sending your kids and their friends to tuition, badminton class, swimming club, etc

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Now that school has started, all the extra-curricular activities will be back in full swing. Prepare to switch roles from full-time parent to part-time taxi driver, as you chauffeur your kids and their friends to countless after-school activities.

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