[VIDEO] Malaysians Debate Which Is Better: Renting Or Buying?

To commit, or not to commit? That is the question.

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Do you prefer to rent or buy? Two opposing teams went head-to-head to sway Nandini's opinion. Watch the video to see who won:

One of the biggest obstacles we face in our lives is deciding whether we should rent or buy something

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Team Rent believed that renting means you get to live worry-free

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Zaidi: Okay, the reason why we agree that renting is cheaper is because you don't have to worry much, you are worry-free.

Meanwhile, Team Buy believed that we should be able to own what we have in our possession

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Jenna: Then why not just own it? Because then you get to keep it at the end of the day!

Raz: Ya lah!

Things got super intense when Nandini chimed in and admitted that she still had trouble finding her own place after working for 3 years!

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Nandini: Because three years already I worked, still cannot own a house, hello?

Ultimately, Nandini ruled in favour of Team Rent, citing lesser headaches and lesser hassle!

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Nandini: But I think I'm gonna go, Team.. For Renting!

What do you think? Would you rather rent or buy?

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