RHB's Touching Raya Ad Features Malaysian Who Makes Music Covers Using Sign Language

The short film is based on a true story :)

Cover image via RHB Group (YouTube)

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Have you seen RHB's Raya ad yet? It's based on the real-life story of Nuramira, a Malaysian girl who is doing something absolutely amazing for the local Deaf community. <3

Watch the short film below:

Titled Sempurna, it tells the story of Nuramira and her best friend (named Izzatul in the film) as they navigate through the challenges presented to them and how they manage to overcome it side by side. Though Nuramira and her best friend are inspired by their real-life counterparts, they're played by actresses in the film, who beautifully bring their story to life.

RHB's Raya short film shows everyone that no matter how impossible an obstacle may seem, as long as we draw strength from each other, we can get through it together.

Told from Izzatul's POV, she begins by recounting all the good memories and happy times she's shared with Nuramira

Awww, only true friends tease each other about someone they like. Best friend goals, amirite? :P

However, all this comes to a screeching halt when Izzatul realises she can no longer hear as well as she used to :(

Losing one of your main senses can be terrifying, and no doubt Izzatul had the shock of her life upon discovering it.

As Izzatul tries to grapple with her new reality, Nuramira sticks by her side through it all, and even learns sign language

This part really highlights Izzatul's strength in moving forward despite the difficulty she's facing, and shows how supportive Nuramira is in learning the language in order to communicate with her best friend.

The film ends with Nuramira performing the song Sempurna for Izzatul via sign language :')

The lyrics convey the meaning that no matter how different we are from each other, we're still perfect the way we are. Which is exactly what Nuramira is saying to Izzatul as she signs.

Hey, who's cutting onions around here? T_T 

Keep watching till the very end, as the real Nuramira makes a cameo appearance :)

Meet Nuramira binti Mohd Amin, the 21-year-old Malaysian who has been hard at work creating song covers - all with sign language! Isn't that awesome? She uploads videos of herself using sign language on Instagram and YouTube.

Despite having no hearing loss, Nuramira wants everyone to enjoy the emotions behind music

Although it may appear to look easy, performing song covers with sign language is quite complicated, since it isn't just about hand gestures. It is an expressive language that combines facial expressions as well as the speed of the signing, and Nuramira does just that with her song covers.

Check out her cover of the song Menunggu by Orkes A Hizadin and Ainina Hasnul here:

You can check out more song covers on her YouTube channel, they're sooo cool :D If you can't get enough of her videos, she has even more covers uploaded to her Instagram as well!

After watching that heartwarming film, we can see why RHB decided to pay tribute to Nuramira's story, as it serves as a reminder to us all about being there for each other in times of need

The chief marketing officer of RHB, Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, believes that Nuramira's decision to stand by her friend, even though it was not her challenge to face, was the most inspiring part of the story.

"Her act of selflessness is not just an anthem of what RHB stands for, but also what the people believe in during these trying times – that only by standing together in the face of challenges can true progress be found. Hence, this film is more than just about her story; it’s a story for Malaysians this Hari Raya," said Abdul Sani.

Just like how Nuramira supports Izzatul in overcoming obstacles, RHB aims to be supportive of the challenges being faced by the rakyat this Raya

One of the challenges Malaysians are facing is the difficulty in giving out duit Raya to their loved ones. With RHB introducing a new feature to their mobile app, you can now send personalised e-Duit Raya to your friends and family!

All you need is an RHB account, and once you've registered for RHB Now Internet Banking and downloaded the RHB Now Mobile Banking App, you can easily send all your duit Raya virtually with just their mobile number, Facebook ID, or email address.

Nuramira, you're an inspiration. Thank you for creating quality content for the Deaf community, and for us all too! <3

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