[VIDEO] Here's How Samsung Is Empowering Women Through Its #iChanged Campaign

All it takes is one step out of your comfort zone!

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Samsung recently launched its #iChanged campaign to inspire Malaysian women to be bold and take that first step towards making a change

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When we think of change, we usually think of major life decisions like getting married, changing jobs, or starting a business. However, change doesn't always have to be big.

For some people, taking that one step out of your comfort zone is already a major change. So whether it's switching up your hairstyle, learning a new language, or finally deciding to pursue your dream—one change can make a huge difference in your life.

In celebration of the women who have overcome the odds and changed their lives for the better, Samsung has come up with the #iChanged video series featuring each of their stories

1. Passionate and fearless, Anissa picked up skateboarding all on her own by watching tutorials on YouTube

"Skateboarding is a tough sport, that's why you can't be afraid. Not many women are willing to take up skateboarding, but this motivates me to keep on going to pursue this passion of mine." - Anissa

2. A tattoo artist and a YouTuber, Hishiko finds inspiration and designs her artwork on the go

"I am constantly living in my own world, because my mind is filled with ideas for my clients' tattoo designs. But now, I can bring my designs to life anytime and anywhere I want. It has made my life easier." - Hishiko

3. For Farali Khan, sometimes people don't see the hard work she has to put in behind the scenes

"As an actress, I need to spend months or sometimes more to study my character for the role. It's not as easy as it seems. We have to train everything—all those minor cuts and injuries are normal." - Farali Khan

Check out the full video with all their stories:

In conjunction with the #iChanged campaign, Samsung is also having an awesome promo from now till 31 July 2019

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What are you waiting for? Head over to the #iChanged website now to get more information.