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Eco Majestic is a new township in the Klang Valley by multi-award winning developer EcoWorld

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Eco Majestic is an integrated, mixed-use development that has attracted many families and investors since its launch in 2014. Located in Semenyih, it is one of the most rapid growth areas in Greater Kuala Lumpur or the southern corridor of the Klang Valley.

What makes Eco Majestic so special?

1. There are loads of eco tourism spots to enjoy nature nearby

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Semenyih has always been popular because of its many eco-tourism offerings. Day trippers often head out for a weekend hike up Broga Hill or enjoy a picnic at the Sungai Tekala waterfalls.

Other cool activities include Rabbit Fun Land, Superkart Indoor, and Broga Recreational Fishing Park.

2. The township is strategically located and well connected to Kuala Lumpur and other major towns

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The construction of more roads, highways, and interchanges connecting Semenyih to other major towns and cities means Eco Majestic is now easily accessible.

The suburb includes three residents' entrances that lead to a network of highways that easily link you to KL (Jalan Semenyih, Lekas – Semenyih exit 2102, and Lekas – Eco Majestic 2102A.)

3. The iconic Eco Majestic Red Carpet Bridge is part of a new link road from the Semenyih toll exit that shortens travel time, helping you avoid heavy traffic

Not only does the bridge make a cool first impression, it's also super functional too! The red brick symbolises a red carpet, giving you a grand welcome the moment you enter Eco Majestic.

As part of the new link road from the Semenyih toll, you'll shorten your travel time and avoid heavy traffic on Jalan Semenyih.

4. The township is designed according to EcoWorld's green initiatives, which promotes world-class eco-living

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As part of EcoWorld's vision of championing eco-friendly developments, Eco Majestic was created in line with the company's green initiative. This covers both commercial and residential properties, both of which promote green and sustainability.

Eco Majestic has gorgeous parks, lakes, and greenery throughout the township!

5. The homes are inspired by designs from the Straits Era with five collections of colonial-styled residences

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With modern and functional interiors, these homes are inspired by the Straits Era and are simply beautiful.

There's an extensive collection of terrace, cluster, semi-d, and bungalow homes to choose from.

6. There are lovely backlane gardens and side gardens, as well as private gardens in each precinct

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7. And you can also go for a stroll or jog around Swan Lake in the 20-acre Majestic Park

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The picturesque lake sits in the middle of a huge park with lots of shady trees and pathways for runners and cyclists. If you need a break, you can relax at the pretty gazebos located nearby.

8. Eco Majestic is the first EcoWorld development to have its own auxiliary police office, prioritising safety for residents

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With an aim to deliver high value security services and maintain a safe environment for residents, EcoWorld launched their own auxiliary police unit in 2015. 

Eco Majestic is the first township to have its own auxiliary police office, as compared to a stand-alone booth, providing you with better security and safety 24/7. There are even security cameras set up throughout the township to give you peace of mind.

9. There are extensive facilities including a lifestyle sports centre that offers a swimming pool, football field, and more

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With a focus on active lifestyles, the sports centre is bustling with activity. There are both indoor and outdoor facilities such as swimming pools, football fields, indoor futsal courts, badminton, basketball, and squash courts, a sports hall, and function rooms.

10. You can shop and dine at the many outlets in the upcoming 150-acre commercial hub - Eco Majestic City

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Eco Majestic City will be home to loads of different shops, cafes, restaurants, and other businesses for your convenience.

On top of that, a Japanese retail supermarket, targeted to be completed by 2020, will fulfill the everyday needs of the community.

Whether you're looking to invest or purchase to live in, Eco Majestic proves to be an amazing township worth visiting. Get the best of modern living in a green environment when you choose #OnlyEcoWorld.

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