Fresh Buttery Croffles, Satay Wrap & 3 Other Yummy Meals You Can Now Get At Shell Deli2Go

Wah, got mac & cheese and croffle?!

Cover image via Shell Deli2Go (provided to SAYS)

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A hot meal sounds like heaven, especially when you're on the go, kan?

The good news is that when you're on the road, you'll be able to grab a hot bite from your nearest Shell petrol station! There's really nothing better than sinking your teeth into a freshly made meal when you're out and about, and Shell has made it so convenient for y'all since they have so many stations everywhere.

With their latest Deli2Go menu, you'll be able to fill your bellies with some yummy eats that you can Layan Panas-Panas while you refuel your vehicle. (;

Love croffles? You can feed into the croffle craze with Shell Deli2Go's fresh croffle pastries, served with a dipping sauce of your choice. <3

Take a croissant, toast it in a waffle iron, and you're left with the perfect croffle pastry that's flaky, buttery, and crispy. :9 If you're in the mood for a quick nibble for breakfast, brunch, tea, or just a snack, you're in for a treat.

Shell Deli2Go's croffles can be paired with chocolate, kaya, or peanut butter dipping sauces, and they are made fresh in-store! Yummmm. Priced at RM2 for one, or RM5.80 for three, this delicious treat is a must-try.

If you're looking for a light snack with local flavour, you have to check out their Satay Wrap for RM8.90

Deli2Go is serving meat-free Satay Wraps at their stores, a twist on the regular version of the satay we know. These mouthwatering skewers are charred to perfection and served with a tantalising peanut sauce that complements the marinade.

What makes this a bestseller is that their meat-free chargrilled satay comes from Harvest Gourmet, a company well-known for its plant-based foods. Mmmmm!

They also serve interesting variations of pasta, if you're feeling adventurous

Tailored to match the local palate, they serve Asam Pedas Pasta*, Ayam Masak Merah Mac And Cheese*, as well as Bolognese Mac And Cheese*. Shell Deli2Go's spicy and slightly sour Asam Pedas Pasta is a meat-free dish and is a good choice for all you spicy kakis out there.

Besides that, they've got some nice soul food coming your way. If soul food "macs" you happy, you'll be glad to hear that Shell Deli2Go has a surprise for you. (; Their mac and cheese come mixed with some ayam masak merah.

There's also the Meatball Bolognese Mac & Cheese, which makes for a hearty meal that's rich and comforting, so make sure to try it if you haven't already!

With a well-seasoned tomato base along with freshly-made meatballs, we're sure that a pack of Shell Deli2Go's Meatball Bolognese Mac & Cheese will soothe your soul. (; It also tastes slightly sweet, which makes it popular among kids.

*Only available at selected outlets.

Furthermore, some of your favourite Malaysian KOLs got the chance to give these dishes a try :D

Recently, She Said Sedap, Ceddy, Ivor Xian Z, Happy Lizzie Eats, CrazeCrave, and Satisfaction Craved got to taste test these new offerings by Shell Deli2Go. Head over to their profiles to find out what they had to say!

You can also head over to have a look at their TikToks by some of these awesome content creators for more information:
- She Said Sedap
- Ceddy
- Ivor Xian Z
- CrazeCrave

If you managed to catch it, Deli2GO had its very own food truck travelling across Peninsula Malaysia for everyone to try out items on their new menu

Eh, that's not even the best part lah. Those who managed to snap a selfie at their Selfie Corner, don’t forget to redeem your 10% discount on all full-sized meals at Shell Deli2Go, woohoo! Don't miss out because this promotion will only be available until the end of July!

You can also use your Bonuslink card to collect points at Shell Deli2Go, where every RM1 spent equals 1 point. So, start swiping. (;

Not on the BLINK App yet? Download it here and register to enjoy more exclusive rewards at Shell.

Ready to explore all these new and exciting meals at Shell Deli2Go? Just head over to your nearest Shell petrol station and grab a bite now!

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