If You Spend 9 Hours At An Office Job, This Is What's Happening To Your Body

It's not good :(

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Did your mum ever tell you to sit up straight? She probably did... and you probably kinda ignored her :P

If you're spending long hours hunched over a screen, whether it's your work computer or smartphone, the chances are your body isn't very happy with you.

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But seriously, have you ever thought about how many hours you spend a day just... sitting?

I mean, think it about for a second here...

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So let's break it down... How many hours on average do you actually spend on your bum?

1. Your commute to and from work averages two hours... or more :(

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2. At work, you're probs slouched over your screen and on your butt for nine hours a day

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3. Naturally you have breaks... but those are spent sitting and looking at your phone

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Let's be real here... breakfast, lunch, dinner, toilet time, any time that you don't have to speak to someone in front of you... you're hunched over your phone.

4. And once you're back home, you likely can't wait to just chill on your sofa and watch both TV and your phone at the same time, right?

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Let's say, three hours of sofa sitting time before you move to seven hours of sleeping in bed?

So that's 17.5 hours of just sitting and screen time on your average day

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Yup, that's not good!

Ok, your number may be way lower depending on your lifestyle. Perhaps you work out every morning before work or take long walks in the evenings.

But if you find yourself grouped with the 86% of Malaysians who lead a sedentary lifestyle and spend up to nine hours a day sitting at your desk, then it's time to listen up!

The problem is there are serious health hazards of sitting for long periods of time

Two of the most common health problems we face when sitting for too long in front of screens is strained neck and sore shoulders and back.

Strained neck occurs when you crane your neck forward toward a keyboard or tilt your head to cradle a phone. This posture strains the cervical vertebrae, which can lead to permanent imbalances.

As your neck slouches forward, this overextends shoulder and back muscles as well, particularly the trapezius, which connects the neck and shoulders.

All of this leads to very sore neck and shoulders at the end of the day!
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Other health problems that occur when you sit for hours on end include leg disorders such as swollen ankles and varicose veins; soft bones that can lead to osteoporosis; organ damage, which can lead to heart disease and diabetes; and finally muscle degeneration, which leads to weak abs, tight hips, and limp glutes. :(

If you can't cut down on the hours you spend sitting (you gotta work, amirite?) here's what you can do to prevent long-term damage:

Sit up straight - Don't lean forward, keep your shoulders relaxed, and your feet flat on the floor.

Take walk breaks - Go for a walk around your office every hour or so to get your muscles moving.

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Alternate between sitting and standing - If possible, move to a standing desk at work once in a while, especially if you're using a laptop and have the freedom to move around the office.

Stretch your hips and hamstrings - Do simple stretches for 3 minutes every day.

Try simple yoga poses at home - Extend and flex your back with the cat and cow poses.

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