How Many Of These Mind-Blowing Delicacies From Around The World Have You Tried?

Between squid ink brioches and sugar-covered baby pancakes lies the perfect justification for a worldwide makan trip!

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1. The puffy, pillowy Poffertjes of Amsterdam

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Can there be a better way to start the day than baby pancake puffs covered in butter and powdered sugar? Made from yeast and buckwheat flour, poffertjes (here's a pronunciation guide) have a light, spongy texture, unlike the standard American-style pancakes.

The best poffertjes are made fresh on the street at markets, during festivals and fairs, and in the city’s squares. Poffertjes are most common during the cooler months, but if you can’t find an outdoor vendor, you can try most pannenkoeken (pancake) restaurants.

2. Chicago's fusion interpretation, in the form of the majestic Arroz Gordo

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Literal translation: fat rice. This curious blend of Chinese and Portuguese cuisine is meant to be tackled by groups of four or more. Feasting on the bountiful bowl is like digging for buried treasure in the form of baked rice topped with garlic prawns, littleneck clams, turmeric chicken thighs, linguiça (fatty Portuguese smoked sausage), lap cheong (toothy Chinese sausage), and hard-boiled eggs steeped in soy and pu-erh tea.
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Where else could you have a better version than at the place that shares their namesake with this colourful dish? The next time you're in Chicago, check out Fat Rice in Logan Square.

3. A piping hot slice of Bobotie, when in Johannesburg

This national dish of South Africa (pronounced 'ba-boor-tea') is similar to shepherd's pie, but the minced meat is simmered with spices, herbs and dried fruit, then topped with an egg custard mix and baked until set. It has a Cape Malay heritage.

The dish is a staple in South African homes as well as a large number of restaurants, including D6 District Six Eatery, the much-loved Cape Malay restaurant in the Johannesburg suburb of Emmarentia.

4. The brunch-friendly Squid Ink Brioche in New York

This regal creation by Dominique Ansel (of Cronut fame) sees squid ink brioche topped with mashed potatoes, confit egg yolks, shaved parmesan, and chives, with a mushroom bechamel injected into the center.

Big Apple travel dreams forming in your head already? What a perfect time to be booking your flight and and making a brunch pit-stop at Dominique Ansel Kitchen.

5. Doha's Muhammara, the perfect blend of pomegranate and peppers

Take a departure from the ubiquitous hummus with this nutty, tart and sweet dip. Who knew a blend of red peppers, pomegranate molasses, and walnut would go incredibly well together? Muhammara is especially great when scooped onto bread.

To give this a try when in Doha, check out restaurants in the Souq Waqif area, like Al Tawash and Teba.

6. A Parisian twist on pastries: the Chocolate-Pistachio Escargots

Chocolate and pistachio melt together in a pastry crust that will change your idea of the word “escargot” forever. This snail-shaped pastry is stuffed with pistachio paste in between layers of flaky puff pastry, and punctuated with bites of dark chocolate chips.

This masterpiece hails from the legendary Du Pain et Des Idées bakery owned by the award-winning Christophe Vasseur. It’s just near Canal Saint Martin, which makes it the perfect location to pick up a pastry to go and savour it on the quays.

7. A lively platter of Escalivada in Barcelona

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This Catalan dish (derived from the Catalan verb escalivar, meaning to cook in ashes) is traditionally prepared in the embers of a wood fire. Comprising of slow-roasted eggplant, red pepper, tomatoes and onions, the ratatouille-esque dish is versatile and can be served in many ways: as a salad, as a relish for meats, or scooped up with a good crusty slice of bread.
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There are a number of good restaurants dedicated to Catalan cuisine, like the Senyor Parellada, smack in the centre of Barcelona.

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For luxury food fans, here are even more dishes to add to your globe-trotting gobble list:

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