10 Things That Must ALWAYS Happen When Your Car Cannot Start

Confirm see hantu in the carpark!

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1. Your car doesn't start, no big deal. You're mildly annoyed. You try again.

2. OK, you've been turning the key half a million times and it still won't start. This is bad.

3. You try to rev the engine while you turn the key. Still no luck.

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4. KAN CHEONG TIME! You call your father, mother, boyfriend, girlfriend, housemate, best friend, colleague...

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Why do people not answer their phones anymoooooore?!

5. You start thinking, "This carpark damn creepy wei..."

You see things in the shadows, you feel it in your bonessss!

6. You Snapchat, tweet, FB, Insta, to let your friends know your car died and to SEND HELP

7. Still waiting. You play with your phone to calm down but every sound freaks you out.

8. OMG phone battery 5%

9. YES! You get a call, someone is on the way!

10. And finally... help arrives. You're SAVED!

Have you been in this situation before?

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