Here's How You Can Cruise Around Asia For Free On Your Birthday Month This Year

Get your calendars out and start planning now!

Cover image via Star Cruises

New year, new you. If you're up to experience something new in 2017, how about celebrating your birthday with a free cruise trip?

Image via Star Cruises

Star Cruises, the pioneer in the Asia-Pacific cruise industry, is offering the public with a chance of a lifetime to experience its world-class services and facilities on cruises around the region for free as long as they book a cruise scheduled on their birth month.

Birthday babies can choose from four different ships namely SuperStar Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini and Libra, depending on their birthday month.

Malaysians will most likely board the SuperStar Libra for a 4D3N (four days and three nights) adventure, departing from Penang to Krabi and Phuket in Thailand.

On top of a free ride, birthday babies are also treated with more freebies such as:

1. Cabin decorations
2. 500g chocolate cake
3. Birthday card
4. Cruise voucher – which can be used at the F&B, retail, and spa/wellness outlets onboard.

Knowing how important it is to stay connected these days, free WiFi is also provided for birthday babies and their guest throughout the entire cruise trip.
Image via Star Cruises

Wait, is there a catch?

It's true, the birthday baby would get a free cruise ride on his or her birthday month.

However, according to the terms and conditions, the birthday baby must be accompanied by another guest, who will have to get his or her own tickets.

Either way, it still sounds like a good deal to many!

Bookings have to be made by 31 January. So hurry if you are interested!

Image via Cruises

For more information and to place a booking, head on to Star Cruises' website.

Who'd you cruise with? :) Remember to let them know about this offer before it's too late!

Meanwhile, travellers should take note of their rights when they fly with airlines in Malaysia: