13 Things You Can Relate To When You’re The Only One With High Cholesterol

"But you don't look fat..."

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One in two Malaysians have high cholesterol, with 42% of them aged below 40. If that's you, this is totally something you can relate to:

1. Salted egg yolk croissant, salted egg yolk crabs, salted egg YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY

2. When you tell your friends you have high cholesterol, they say “but… you’re not even fat"

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3. People try to be helpful by giving you random health advice, like drinking teh misai kucing

Fun fact: Teh misai kucing actually has tons of health benefits, but lowering cholesterol isn't one of them ;)

4. Aunties get offended when you pass on their rendang and curry during family reunions

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5. Then lecture you about your high cholesterol, without really understanding what it is

Ummmm... :/

6. Whenever you try to eat healthy EVERYONE ASSUMES YOU’RE ON A DIET

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"I just want to stay healthy, guys."

7. Everyday is a challenge when you're faced with this:

Malaysian food, Y U SO GOOD?

8. Spending forever going through the menu to find something you can actually eat

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9. Feeling sheepish when you keep asking the waiter for special requests on your dish

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10. You can only watch in envy as your friends eat whatever they want

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11. You feel a little hurt when people choose to eat somewhere that doesn't have any cholesterol-friendly options

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12. But feel guilty when they go to a lot of trouble trying to find a restaurant with healthy options. Just. For. You.

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13. Giving up on eating out completely and having to learn how to cook on your own

Yah. You're totally gonna burn your food a few times.

Having high cholesterol sucks at any age, which is why it's important to take care of your heart at a young age

The National Health and Morbidity Survey, which was carried out by the Ministry of Health in 2015, found that 1 in every 2 Malaysians suffer from high cholesterol and that 42% are below the age of 40.

High cholesterol leads to a high risk of heart disease, which is why you should care for your heart with two glasses of Nestlé Omega Plus milk daily.

Nestlé Omega Plus contains ACTICOL, plant sterols which are scientifically proven to lower cholesterol by blocking the absorption of cholesterol into the body.

Find out more about how to care for you heart here

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