These Young Malaysians Achieved Their Passion Goals While They Were Still Students

It's all about balancing your passion!

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With papers, assignments, exams, and more... Being a student is a full-time job! Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to pursue your personal passion.

As a student, you're constantly under a lot of pressure from yourself and others to study hard and perform well. So it's easy to forget about your passion.Often, it takes time, energy, and concentration - things that you require on a daily basis to get those good grades!

So, is it even possible for a student to achieve their passion goals and still continue to study?

Together with BRAND'S, we've compiled a list of amazing young Malaysians who prove you can achieve your passion goals while you study:

1. Goh Jin Wei – The new SEA Games badminton champion who’s getting ready for SPM

17-year old Goh Jin Wei became the new SEA Games women’s singles champion in badminton. The young shuttler won in straight sets and revealed she never expected to go beyond the semi-finals. Asked what her next task would be, she replied that she’d be back at school the next day to prepare for SPM!

You gotta admire her dedication to her passion, not to mention the energy and concentration she has to do it all at the same time :D

2. Muhammad Daniel Mohammed - the Form 5 student who won the top prize at a UK dance competition

Image via The Sun Daily

At the age of 17, Muhammad Daniel won the A1 for all Single Dances and A1 for Multi Dances in Latin and ballroom dance at the Blackpool Dance Festival 2017 with his coach Sylvia Yeoh, beating 50 competitors from around the world!

Daniel still attends Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan USJ 12 in Subang Jaya and is sitting for his SPM later this year. Dance coach Yeoh made certain to keep practice to a minimal and manage their time well between studies and dancing. She says, "I always believe that academic pursuit and activity can be achieved both at the same time with the right time management and support from the family.” We couldn't agree more!

3. Athirah Rosik - the student who collects pre-loved items to sell on Asia's first mobile boutique

Image via Poskod

Athirah Rosik created Thrift-On-Wheels with her sister. The platform connects those who are lacking with those who wish to donate pre-loved items, becoming Asia's first mobile boutique.

A student at Wawasan Open University, Athirah says learning and working at the same time gives her a "crazy dynamic." She loves being able to put into practice the theories she's learned in class, allowing her to contribute effectively in the classroom.

4. Yong Wei Shian – the student of Pharmaceutical Sciences who helps feed the poor

Wei Shian founded FoodNinja while he was studying Pharmaceutical Sciences at Universiti Sains Malaysia. FoodNinja is an online portal which connects the extra food from business units, to bodies of charities which feed the poor. He revealed the key to success is time management. While passion and determination keep both his studies and startup on track.

Wei Shian admits that it's hard to juggle both his passion and his studies, but staying focused and having fun makes it all worthwhile.

5. Tengku Ahmad Irfan - the teenage pianist and composer who travels the world to perform

Image via Tengku Irfan

Tengku Ahmad Irfan Tengku Ahmad Shahrizal is only 19-years-old and has already made a name for himself in the world of orchestra. The teenager is a highly acclaimed pianist and composer, travelling the world and playing for renowned orchestras.

Irfan manages to balance his time between music practices, school activities, and socialising with friends and family through advanced scheduling. He adds, “I also prepare alternate schedules so that I can swing that into motion when things don’t go as planned. This way, I don’t lose time. I spend my free time with my family and friends, and we do whatever comes to mind, be it movies or playing video games.”

6. Suzanne Ling, Lee Swee Lin, and Kim Lim – the student volunteers who created an income stream for refugees

Three friends, Suzanne, Swee Lin, and Kim started volunteering at refugee camps as teachers while they were still students in UCSi college. They realised that many of these people were executives who were earning high incomes in their home countries but were now unable to work in Malaysia.

So they created PICHA Project – an online food platform that allows refugees from Myanmar and Afghanistan to cook and deliver authentic meals from their home countries to customers.

7. Imran Daniel Abdul Hazli - the first Malaysian to win two singles titles at the World Junior Masters tournament

Image via Stadium

Two years ago, Imran Daniel Abdul Hazli became the first Malaysian to win two singles titles at the World Junior Masters tournament in Turkey at the age of 10. Earlier this year, Imran bagged the bronze in the boys’ singles at the Asian Tennis Fede­ration (ATF) Under-14 Champion­ships.

In an interview, he said his favourite subject is mathematics and while it's tiring to balance school and tennis, it's a sacrifice he's willing to make in order to do both. Imran admitted that before exams, he sometimes only sleeps three hours a night in order to prepare for the next day. It's purely energy and drive that leads him to success.

8. Ling Big Yong - the viral YouTuber who's been making short films since Standard 4

Born in 1997, Ling Big Yong has been making short films since he was 10 years old. In 2013 he rose to YouTube stardom when his video '中学生谈恋爱 Students Fall In Love' went viral. It now has close to 5 million views. Big Yong was a 16-year old student attending Sekolah Menengah Bintulu at the time!

The budding filmmaker continues to produce videos and to date has racked up over 163 million views on YouTube.

9. Lee Pei Ling - The teenager who reached the finals of an international singing competition

Lee Pei Ling made waves last year when she made it to the Sing! China finale at the age of 15. While she didn’t clinch the top prize, the singer impressed audiences worldwide and was later invited to share the stage with one of China’s top singers. The Form Four student continues to pursue her passion for song while continuing her studies at Chung Ling High School.

Her dream is to be a fashion designer, open a shop, and have her own label while pursuing a singing career. :O

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