[SURVEY] How Good Are You At Managing Money? Take This Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey

"How much do you spend on food every day?"

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In 2018, we partnered with RinggitPlus to see how good Malaysians were at handling their finances

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After testing a total of 3,000 Malaysians, we noticed a few worrying trends. One of them was that a majority of Malaysians do not have enough savings in their bank accounts to act as emergency funds.

Want to find out more? Read the full 2018 survey results here.

This year, we wanted to see if Malaysians have gotten better at managing money

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In partnership with Visa, RinggitPlus has developed 'The Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey 2019' to help Malaysians cultivate smart money habits.

As a token of appreciation, RinggitPlus will be offering RM30 Lazada vouchers to 100 random survey participants who will be selected once submissions are closed. They will be sending the vouchers via email, so make sure you use a valid email address!

RinggitPlus is also giving you a free MyCTOS Score Report (worth RM25) to check your credit score. Get the free credit report here.

Ready to show how financially savvy you are? Take 'The Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey 2019':

And that's all, thank you for participating in this survey! Keep your eyes out for the results coming your way very soon.

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