Over 2,000 Books Are Being Sold Online By Taiwan's Largest Bookstore Chain

Book lovers, it's time to refill your bookshelves.

Cover image via Lovepik & Shopee Malaysia

Eslite Bookstore, Taiwan's largest bookstore chain, has opened an online store on Shopee Malaysia

Image via Shopee Malaysia

According to their website, Eslite first opened its first store in 1989, with emphasis on selling books related to humanities, art, and creativity.

In a report by Taiwan Focus, Eslite Group chairperson Mercy Wu stated that Malaysia was selected as the company's first Southeast Asian outlet because it has a considerable Chinese population.

The online bookstore features a vast selection of Chinese-translated books

Image via Shopee Malaysia

Plenty of books in the English language are also on sale as well

Image via Shopee Malaysia

Rejoice, bookworms!

You can use the Shopee app or visit their website to start browsing for your new favourite book.

Customer support hours are available every day from 9am to 6pm.

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Eslite Bookstore is also planning to open a physical bookstore in Kuala Lumpur in 2021:

On a budget? You can borrow an ebook from The National Library:

Spotify also has audiobooks that you can listen to:

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