[PHOTOS] Target Under Fire For Cropping Out Genital Area Of Swimsuit Models

American retailer Target has come under fire for photoshopped images of swimsuit models featuring an awkwardly cut square 'thigh gap'.

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Ellen Meets A Model With Really Long Arms That Reveal The Truth About Photoshopped Target Ads

Those are some super long arms..

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If there's anyone who could make light of a terrible Photoshop fail, it's Ellen DeGeneres. She reminds us just how ridiculous those Target swimsuit ads from last month were on her talk show this week. You know, the one with the crotch cut out and arms reaching past the model's knees. Ellen decided to give the model a chance to explain just how much the photo was actually retouched. But when Tanya Marie Keller hit the stage, there was something a bit ... long about her.

It took the audience no time to realize that she was actually wearing Barbie-esque arm extensions. Keller was a sport about the whole thing, placing her awkwardly long "arms" on Ellen's chair, and hilariously attempting to take a sip of water. Watch the hilarious video below:

Of course, the underlying issue is that the Photoshop fails are happening in the first place. But this lighthearted spoof on the matter is refreshing -- and perhaps can send a message to retailers that these unrealistic retouch jobs are just not OK.

Model Tanya Marie Keller with Ellen on her Talk Show

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Target Has Come Under Fire For A Botched Photoshopping Job, In Which Part Of A Swimsuit Model's Bottom Half Appears Awkwardly Etched Away

Target's photoshopped picture that has come under fire.

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Photoshop fails have become more common than ever, with various retailers chopping off limbs and backsides. So it's really no surprise that Target is the most recent culprit to distort a model.

The retouched photos promote Xhiliration-brand ‘Midkinis’ – part of a juniors’ line of clothing that is aimed at teenagers and young adults.

The Photos Had Been Cut Away At The Genital Area, Creating What Appears To Be A 'Square Thigh Gap'

Target's photoshopped photos sees 'square thigh gap'.

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Photoshopping allegations were first made on Jezebel, which noticed that photos of the label’s leopard print midkini had been cut away at the genital area, creating what appears to be a ‘square thigh gap’.

"In what appears to be an attempt to make her legs look longer/bottom half look smaller, the model is missing a piece of her vagina."

A 'Thigh Gap' Refers To The Gap Between A Person's Thighs When Standing Upright With Both Knees Touching

'Thigh gap' illustration.

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'Thigh gap' illustration in relation to bone structure.

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"Among all the things our culture tells women to worry about when it comes to their bodies - from being thin to eliminating body hair and cellulite - the 'thigh gap' is one of the most ridiculous." - Huffington Post

"The growth of Instagram and other social media has allowed the concept of a thigh gap to enter the public consciousness and become an alarming, and exasperating, new trend among girls and women." - The Guardian

E! Headlined Target As "The Lead For Worst Photoshop Job Ever With This Horrifying Thigh Gap"

Reports on Target's 'thigh gap' photoshop job.

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A Target Spokesperson, "This Was An Unfortunate Error On Our Part And We Apologise. We Have Removed The Image From Our Website"

Target's 'thigh gap' photoshop.

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In a statement to Buzzfeed, a Target spokesperson said: "This was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. We have removed the image from our website."

The Photos Have Since Been Removed

Target's 'thigh gap' photoshop.

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Target's 'thigh gap' photoshop.

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Website Has A Conspiracy Theory Someone Did A Horrible Job On Purpose As An Act Of Rebellion Against Being Forced To Make Skinny Girls Even Skinnier

Conspiracy theory

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"The Target fail (which has since been smartly removed from their site) was first noticed by, and they have a pretty cool conspiracy theory that whoever was assigned to photoshop these models did a horrible job on purpose as an act of rebellion against being forced to make skinny girls even skinnier. Let's hope that's what actually happened, because that's awesome."

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