Taylor's University Has A Degree In Construction Management. Find Out If You Should Apply

Students will have access to real-life XR equipment and learn from industry experts.

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As Malaysia evolves with technological advancements of the world today, the field of construction is also rapidly changing as well

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In recent years, we have seen a huge shift in green building practices when it comes to construction in Malaysia, as our country is committed to lower energy usage for a cleaner environment. 

With this new adaptation, there's also been a high demand for Construction 4.0 jobs. The AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry needs more hands on approach to design, construct, operate, and maintain these green buildings. 

Being in line with Malaysia's Green Technology Master Plan, Taylor's University realises the need for a course that addresses the challenges of sustainability with emphasis on Smart and Green constructions. With the government's goal to build 1,750 green buildings by 2030, graduates who are equipped with the knowledge will have a greater chance to secure a job within the AEC sector. 

Recognising the future demand, Taylor's University is introducing a new course — Sustainable Digital Construction Management Degree

From saving energy and resources to minimising the emission of pollutants by developing green buildings, green businesses will be contributing approximately 1.5% to the nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2030 or equivalent to RM60 billion compared to RM7.9 billion in 2013.

As such, graduates in this field are in high demand to meet emerging tech-driven Construction 4.0 jobs, especially in Singapore and Malaysia, with an average salary of RM5,000 based on Job Agencies search 2022.

Focusing on sustainability and digital transformation on par with today's landscape, students will also gain industry experience which gives them an added advantage in securing a job in the market. 

Students will go through a technology-driven work-based learning programme of two years at Taylor's University and a year-long industry placement with reputable industry partners to prepare for the local and global AEC industry

To prepare students for both now and the future of construction, Taylor's University has created a well-mapped curriculum that is aligned with the competency standard and educational framework by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) that will set undergraduates on the path to becoming construction managers.

Using multidisciplinary learning, the curriculum will specifically tackle the Building Information Modelling Level 1 and 2 for students to be equipped with the digital skills needed to be at the forefront to support the digitalised construction industry.

One of the best things about this innovative programme is that it is led by industry leaders and partners with hands-on, practical experience to ensure a higher success rate in built environment

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Instead of curating a curriculum based on textbooks, Taylor's Sustainable Digital Construction Management Degree aims to facilitate a practice-led curriculum which is carefully supervised and advised by a panel of adjunct academics directly from the industry.

An Industry Advisory Panel will work closely to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the board members to ensure industrial relevance is kept. They will also provide advice and assistance on curriculum development according to the latest needs, trends, and employment skills of graduates.

Throughout the programme, students will work closely with renowned organisations like Eco World Development Group Berhad and Green Quarter Sdn Bhd, and can even land a job in one of these top-tier organisations.

Besides that, students will also have access to real-life XR equipment used by industry experts at the VORTEX XR Lab

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For a more comprehensive learning experience at the university, students will be able to experience XR usage in the construction industry and gain specialised skills which will come in handy in the working world. 

Graduates will have an easier time adapting once they secure a job in the AEC industry, as they would have been equipped with the knowledge and practical experience of using this software and equipment since day one in the course. 

Last but not least, graduates will gain an added advantage in securing future career prospects in management

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Some of the career opportunities for graduates in this industry include becoming a Green Building Consultant or Specialist, Sustainability Analyst, Digital Technologist, or Smart Technologist.

Whatever choice graduates decide on, they have the potential to shape and impact the growing industry as green buildings will be soon the norm of the world. 

Does this sounds like the career pathway for you? Learn more about Taylor's University's industry-led construction management degree on their website.

Their first intake will be in March 2023! And the following intakes will be in March and August every year.

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