Roti Tsunami, Roti Jantan, And Other Roti's That Will Change Your Mamak Trips... Forever

It's an eye-opening journey to the world of lesser-known roti types in Malaysia.

Cover image via Edited by SAYS

Even if you don't go to the mamak that often, you're probably familiar with terms like roti canai, roti telur, roti tisu and a few others, right?

Image via Malaysia Fest

Well, there's a whole new world of rotis just waiting to be discovered. Inspired by this thread on Reddit, we decided to compile a list of lesser-known roti types we came across at our local mamaks:

1. Roti Tampal

Roti tampal is quite similar to roti telur, except that the egg is plastered on the outside.

For more yummy goodness, order one with runny yolk (kuning cair)!

2. Roti Jantan

Roti jantan is essentially roti telur but with two eggs instead of one, because more eggs = more MAN.

3. Roti Banjir

Roti canai (or roti kosong, as some people like to call it) is shredded into bite-sized pieces and then completely flooded with curry or dhal.

4. Roti Tsunami

Levelling up from roti banjir, roti tsunami is served with two soft-boiled eggs.

5. Roti Maggi

Roti maggi happens when you open up the magical roti kosong bag to discover piping hot Maggi goreng within.

The roti maggi depicted in the photo above is available at Roshida Mamak Stall @ Jalan Besar, Seri Kembangan (opposite Restoran 33).

6. Roti Scrambled

Image via Eric Chee

One of Murni Discovery's many wacky 'roti' variants, roti scrambled is basically roti kosong wrapped burrito-style around a mixture of minced chicken, eggs, and sausages with mayonnaise dressing.

Note: The rest of the items in this list are from Murni's eye-opening 'Roti' menu.

7. Roti Beckham

Image via JunKit

Obviously named after one of the hottest footballers of our time, roti Beckham is stuffed with tuna, eggs, cheese, and turkey slices topped with mayonnaise dressing.

We have no idea how the ingredients can be associated with David Beckham though. Let us know if you have a theory. Here's a photo of the hunk for reference:

Image via H&M

8. Roti Hawaii

Roti Hawaii is roti kosong stuffed with either minced chicken or beef, cheese, sausages, and pineapple topped with mayonnaise dressing.

9. Roti Jepun

We expected wasabi to be in there somewhere but sadly, it isn't. Instead, roti Jepun is stuffed with eggs, margarine, cheese, and milk.

10. Roti Sweet Forever

Image via Murni Discovery

Yes, that's its legitimate name. Roti Sweet Forever is essentially roti kosong with bits of corn scattered within and then topped with two scoops of ice cream and a sprig of mint.

11. Roti Fujima

Roti pisang is elevated to roti Fujima simply by serving it in stacks of quartered roti pisang topped with two scoops of ice cream.

On SAYS Makan, we got a little tired of drinking plain ol' water so we decided to spruce it up a bit: