The Makeover Guys Are Partnering With HOOGA To Give You Exclusive Home Makeover Packages

Check out their pop-up store in Mid Valley for home makeover consultations and inspo!

Cover image via The Makeover Guys (Provided to SAYS)

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Searching for inspo on how to style your home and make it totally aesthetic?

The Makeover Guys X HOOGA's pop-up store is where you'll find just what you need to create that Pinterest-worthy look and feel!

ICYMI, The Makeover Guys (TMG) is a property solutions company that offers strategic home makeover solutions to individuals. Known for their creative and unique approach to property makeover, what makes TMG unique is their smart renovation concept — a formula that balances both the aesthetics and practicality of an interior space.

And now, they've collaborated with HOOGA, a popular home furnishing brand inspired by the Danish hygge lifestyle concept.

Marking their collaboration is the official pop-up store located in Mid Valley Megamall, where you can check out both brands' offerings whilst also perusing new styles and themes

Whether you're looking for interior design ideas or want to purchase some decoration items, you can do it all at the pop-up store. You can even bring your home's floor plan over to get a consultation from TMG on styling, renovation, and space optimisation.

Meanwhile, you'll also be able to get special new furniture pieces and offers from HOOGA.

Another highlight of the pop-up store is the three exclusive makeover themes available — Sienna Sunday, 50 Shades of Chris, and Leonardo in Love

The exclusive makeover packages are retailing from RM47,300 for a two-bedroom, 900 sq ft condominium, with more than RM7,000 worth of HOOGA products included and a commitment of 30 days for the makeover completion.

Besides full space makeovers, you'll also be able to buy singular statement furniture pieces such as lounge chairs, side tables, and coffee tables from all three themes.

You will also find some of the favourite HOOGA home essentials and styling pieces available in the three new makeover themes. This includes tableware, dinnerware and serveware, small storage and home organisation solutions, cushions, throws, and soft furnishing, bathroom accessories, TENCELTM bedding products made from sustainably sourced wood, decorations, and home accessories.

Here's a closer look at each theme:

1. Sienna Sunday evokes a calm, cosy, relaxing, quiet, and peaceful atmosphere

This theme specifically features muted neutrals, earthy tones, rattan, and Scandinavian designs. The use of muted neutrals in the overall space gives a feeling of calmness by cutting away colour noises. Meanwhile, the different fabric textures included, such as rattan and wood, give some depth and contrast.

2. 50 Shades of Chris induces a sense of comfort and sophistication

The interior reflects a palette of earthy blues, rustic tones, and dark walls that give off vibes of power and pleasure. The use of natural elements such as rattan and stronger materials like metal help create the right balance for this theme.

3. Leonardo in Love combines bits and pieces of the great outdoors

TMG has designed this theme to make a space that not only nurtures growth and creativity, but also creates an escape right at home. It features a pastel chic palette, geometry and shapes, a hint of gold, and statement pieces.

Located on the second floor of Mid Valley Megamall's North Court, the pop-up store is open to all customers from 10am to 10pm. Check it out today!

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