These Are The Long Weekends And Holidays For Malaysia In 2020

Time to start planning your leave days!

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Time to start planning your vacations and balik kampung dates, Malaysians! Make the most of these public holidays, as there will be seven official long weekends for 2020:

Chinese New Year: 25 to 28 January (Saturday to Tuesday)

Labour Day: 1 to 3 May (Friday to Sunday)

Hari Raya Aidilfitri: 23 to 26 May (Saturday to Tuesday)

Hari Raya Haji: 31 July to 2 August (Friday to Sunday)

National Day: 29 to 31 August (Saturday to Monday)

Deepavali: 13 to 15 November (Friday to Sunday)

Christmas: 25 to 27 December (Friday to Sunday)

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With some strategic planning when it comes to taking leave, you could even earn yourself four additional long weekends and a week-long vacation:

New Year: 28 December 2019 to 1 January 2020 (Saturday to Wednesday)
- Take leave on Monday and Tuesday, 30 and 31 December

Wesak Day: 7 to 10 May (Thursday to Sunday)
- Take leave on Friday, 8 May

Awal Muharram: 20 to 23 August (Thursday to Sunday)
- Take leave on Friday, 21 August

Hari Malaysia: 12 to 16 September (Saturday to Wednesday) OR 16 to 20 September (Wednesday to Sunday)
- Take leave on Monday, 14 Sept and Tuesday, 15 Sept OR Thursday, 17 Sept, and Friday, 18 Sept. 
- Alternatively, you can all of the aforementioned dates for a week-long holiday! 

Maulidur Rasul: 29 October to 1 November (Thursday to Sunday)
- Take leave on 30 October, Friday

In addition to nationwide public holidays, those who are staying and working at these particular states get to enjoy even more long weekends (with or without extra leave days):

Sultan of Selangor’s birthday: 11 to 13 December (Friday to Sunday)

Sultan of Perak’s birthday: 6 to 8 November (Friday to Sunday)

Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan’s birthday: 11 to 14 January (Saturday to Tuesday)
- Take leave on Monday, 13 January

Awal Ramadan: 24 to 26 April (Friday to Sunday)
Governor of Melaka’s birthday: 9 to 11 October (Friday to Sunday)

Sultan of Johor’s birthday: 20 to 23 March (Saturday to Monday)
- Take leave on Sunday, 22 March
Hari Hol Almarhum Sultan Iskandar: 25 to 27 September (Friday to Sunday)

Sultan of Pahang’s birthday: 30 July to 2 August (Thursday to Sunday) 
- Take leave on Friday, 31 July

Georgetown World Heritage City Day: 4 to 7 July (Saturday to Tuesday)
- Take leave on Monday, 6 July

Israk dan Mikraj: 20 to 22 March (Friday to Sunday)

Raja Perlis’ birthday17 to 19 July (Friday to Sunday)

Sultan of Kelantan’s birthday: 11 to 14 November (Wednesday to Saturday) 

Anniversary of Installation of Sultan of Terengganu: 4 to 8 March (Wednesday to Saturday
- Take leave on Thursday, 5 March
Sultan of Terengganu’s birthday: 24 to 26 April (Friday to Sunday)

Good Friday: 10 to 12 April (Friday to Sunday)
Harvest Festival: 30 May to 1 June (Friday to Sunday)

Good Friday: 10 to 12 April (Friday to Sunday)
Gawai Dayak Festival: 30 May to 2 June (Saturday to Tuesday)

Happy planning!

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