17 Things Only Malaysians Who Really Love Japanese Food Will Understand

You can eat it everyday.

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You know you’re a hardcore fan of Japanese food when you can relate to these:

1. This is basically your answer every time someone asks you what you feel like eating:

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2. When someone tells you they feel geli to eat sashimi

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3. You take it a little too personally when someone tells you they hate Japanese food

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There's so much more to Japanese food than raw fish! From the light and airy tempura*s to sticky sweet *teriyaki*s to the crowd favourite chicken *katsu curry, there's bound to be something for everyone.

4. You know your maguro*s from your *tamagos

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You basically hafal all the sushi names.

5. That amazing feeling when an ikura bursts in your mouth

6. You know you're not supposed to mix wasabi with soy sauce but man, it tastes SO GOOD!

Yeah, the Japanese don’t do it. Only you do.

7. You lose track of how many cups of green tea you drink in one sitting

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Can't say no to free refills!

8. This is what happens when you get a seat by the conveyor belt

9. It doesn't matter how many times you've eaten chicken katsu curry, you will NEVER get sick of it

10. When you're feeling a little extravagant and end up ordering from the more expensive section of the menu

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But you go home with an extremely pleased tummy, so all's good!

11. Only someone who truly loves you knows this is the only kind of cake you need

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12. You enjoy a little sushi humour

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13. You’ve tried at least once to make sushi at home…

14. You've contemplated working part-time at a Japanese restaurant just so you can eat ALL THAT FOOD

15. People say you're way too obsessed with Japanese food, but they just hatin'

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16. Seriously, you can eat it EVERYDAY

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17. Because Japanese food = life

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