You Know You're Malaysian When You Can Identify With These Travel Quirks And Habits

You wouldn't have it any other way.

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1. Jaywalk because you think it's okay to do so everywhere else

Yes, you know, it's illegal. You just can't help the fact that you're a professional at dodging fast moving cars.

2. Go out of your way to exchange currency from that one place that always has the best rates

That 0.01 difference in the rate might seem like it's not much, but it adds up when you're exchanging a huge sum of money.

3. Find an accommodation which provides free breakfast - preferably buffet

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You've been trained to get to the breakfast buffet early to "beat the crowd" as well as for maximum enjoyment and intake of food. Plus, you gotta make sure you get the good stuff.

4. Stealthily sneak out or tapau food from the breakfast buffet to keep as snacks for later

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Sometimes your appetite isn't fully "awake" yet and you can't eat as much as you'd like to. Plus, there is so much food left, they won't notice if you bungkus some.

5. Unintentionally disrupt the queue system

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Standing and waiting in an organised line is an unfamiliar concept to Malaysians and isn't quite our strongest suit. You just need a lil guide, is all.

6. Ignore the tour guide and syiok sendiri take selfies

What's the point of travelling if you don't have the selfies to prove it, right? Time to grab some promo seats to Siem Reap from AirAsia and take lotsa selfies in Angkor Wat.

7. Figure out all kinds of ways to conceal or hide your wallet

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Think you can steal our wallets? Don't think so!

8. Bring chilli sauce with you, especially when going to mat salleh countries

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Everything tastes better with a hint of chilli sauce.

9. Become instant besties with other Malaysian strangers you met overseas

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That Malaysian bond is like superglue. It's easy and quick but undeniably strong!

10. Gotta visit relatives, friends, or a friend of a friend in said country

It's all acceptable and not ridiculous at all, as long as there aren't more than 4 degrees of separation.

11. Compare almost everything you eat with our own Malaysian food

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8/10 times you think that Malaysian food is better.

12. When you buy souvenir, it's most likely food - chocolate being the crowd favourite

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Japanese snacks are da bomb dot com. Since AirAsia is having a promo to Osaka, would you fly there just to buy those delicious snacks?

13. You're like a little lost lamb when it comes to escalators

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Wait, do we stand on the left? Or on the right? Bear with us Malaysians, we can be a bit slow to catch on when it comes figuring out the unwritten rules of escalators in other countries.

14. At least one person in your travel group will bring instant cup noodles

So simple, so genius, so good. Sometimes it's the best meal of the trip.

15. Take photos of Malaysian-made things you find in other countries

It's a mix of being a jakun and also the Malaysian pride in you.

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