Forgetting To Shave And 6 More Things Only Women Can Relate To

It ain't easy being a woman.

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We all want to be confident and comfortable in our own skin. That's when we can accept ourselves for who we truly are

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That's why we make sure to always look and feel our best just to get that little boost of self-assurance.

But merely looking good on the surface does not always translate to confidence. It is what goes on on the inside that counts as well. Beauty can only shine from within when we deal with our emotions and accept ourselves for who we truly are on the inside.

However, there are still soooome problems women deal with that can be embarrassing and get in the way of our self-esteem.

Here are 7 problems that only women will understand

Perhaps you’ll feel less alone knowing that you’re not the only one!

1. Dealing with discharge every day, not just during our periods

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The discharge consists of a fluid that carries away dead cells and bacteria. Imagine a wet feeling down there, daily. Wearing a pantyliner helps for that all-day fresh feeling.

2. Wearing a sleeveless shirt... only to realise you forgot to shave

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Yup, time to glue your arms to your sides for the rest of the day.

3. Finding out that your strapless bra has already reached your stomach and it’s too late to adjust ’cause it’s been 8 hours

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The more you move about, the lower the strapless bra slips down, until you realise it's not even covering your assets anymore. The struggle of wearing a cute off-shoulder or tube top is real.

4. Having to deal with a sweaty crotch while exercising

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It's normal to leave the gym with sweat-soaked underwear, especially if you worked your butt off doing hundreds of squats. That sweaty, wet feeling down there sucks, which is all the more reason to wear a pantyliner so that you feel comfortable enough to continue smashing your workout.

5. Being extremely conscious about 'the smell' and constantly wondering if others can smell it too

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Be it on a bus, in an elevator or just hanging out with friends, you're always afraid that someone will be able to smell your odour. 

6. That geram feeling of having to hand wash your stained panties but that stain never really comes out

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7. Laughing too hard and feeling yourself pee a lil'

Having urinary incontinence - the involuntary release of urine - is kinda the worst. You can’t even watch a comedy movie in peace without fear of wetting your pants. :(

Can relate? You're not alone!

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